Yes, It’s True

The Daily Mail gets a lot of stick for its emotive or sensationalist headlines and the spin and exaggeration it sometimes puts on stories. However, this is one it got right:

Laboratory puppies and kittens may be clubbed to death instead of being ‘put to sleep’ under new EU law and here’s Directive 2010/63/EU to prove it.

Three screenshots (click to enlarge):

The RSPCA is lobbying against it because it seriously weakens the UK’s already high standards of animal welfare.

“… controls relating to which animals can be used and how much they may be permitted to suffer may be overcome by using a multitude of “get-out clauses” if a scientific benefit can be shown.”

There is a petition somewhere, but I can’t find it at the moment; when I do, I’ll provide the link or if anyone already has it, please let me know. Thanks.


5 responses to “Yes, It’s True

  1. Jesus fcuking Christ. These people are monsters – evil; on a par with the nazis. They're probably softening a few lab workers up for their role in the next holocaust – start them off on animals first. It's terrifying and sickening. I'm actually quite worried.

  2. It is sick. Its all about cost you see. Putting them asleep humanely is too expensive.

    These people are barbarians. Another reason to extricate ourselves from them.

  3. It's bad enough as it is, here in the UK and we have the highest standards. If the government replaces our laws with this it will mean a lowering of standards – that's the continent for you. 'They eat horsemeat, don't they?'

    In the rest of the EU it will raise standards, so God knows what they do now – doesn't bear thinking about.

  4. They'll be forcing us to eat horsemeat next – but only if it's halal.

  5. 🙂 the problem is, you could be right!