Munching Over Old News

This stuff really needs spreading around a little bit more.  This is for DP111 and anyone else who missed the post:

The Localism Bill & The Maastricht Treaty

(From Hansard, February 1993)

“For as long as a person is a British national, that person will be a European citizen, under the terms of the treaty and the Bill. As was said earlier, if someone wishes to renounce British nationality, certain
Column 35
consequences will follow ; but there is no separate provision whereby a person can remain a United Kingdom national but renounce citizenship of the European union.”

On the Queen as a citizen of the European Union:

Column 36
Mr. Shepherd : Is it the Home Secretary’s understanding that the Queen becomes a citizen of the union of Europe under the provisions of the Bill? …
Mr. Clarke : I shall give further consideration to that question, but I do not see why not.
Mr. Shepherd : She must do.
Mr. Clarke : The Queen is undoubtedly a British national. She, being a national of the United Kingdom, is likely to become a citizen of the European union. [Interruption.] I shall reflect upon that point, but I very much suspect that that is the position. I do not believe that we should expand upon the position of the monarch at length, but I do not see why the Queen should be any more fearful of that prospect than anybody else is likely to be.

Lick clink for more 🙂 ; it also has info on a European Army.

DP111s request prompted me to wonder how many people don’t know about England not being a nation according to the EU.  In the light of legal proceedings vis-a-vis students in England & Scotland, it’s worth pointing out that they’re on a hiding to nothing.  We, England, are not officially recognised as a Nation in its own right, only as an area of Regions.  Pipe. Smoke. Warned. Were.

In Black & White at Last

In short, if you’re born in Britain you are the property of the European Union.  WHEDFUs are also a good round-up of what’s happening in the EU, even though I do say it myself, and worth keeping up with.

Oh, come on.  Well, if you insist.   WHEDFU = What has Europe done for us?   Clicky the tag.


6 responses to “Munching Over Old News

  1. As a Europhile I begin with “I am not a citizen of the EU”. I am a subject of Her Majesty (who was ill-advised into signing various EU laws by her traitorous ministers of whom more later). My patriotism and loyalty is for England, my nationality British and my passport United Kingdom.

    I recognize no sub-division of England and vow a pox on their 'regions' even if that does me for being an anti EU element Hate Crimer.

  2. You can't, Banned. You can't renounce EU citizenship while retaining a British passport.

    On the other hand, they seem to make it up as they go along so, yes, sod it, why not?

  3. What has Europe done for England?

    Lessee…two bloody world wars within the last 100 years come to mind pretty immediately.

    If it gives any comfort or hope, many of the States of the United States are quietly doing all they can to distance themselves from the long arm of Washington D.C., and from the deleterious effects that the Federal government is visiting upon every state, city and county in the republic. Next year, when legislatures reconvene, expect much more in that direction.

    Our latest jobs report, the official 'estimate' for August, reported ZERO job creation. Of course, in the final paragraph, the functionaries admitted that had missed the previous two months' estimates widely on the high side. Thus, net, we are losing ground.

    Stand your ground, ya'll. Those people in charge are idiots, and should be treated as such.

    And, no, Her Majesty should never be considered a citizen of the EU. She's The Queen, by golly, and no one's subject.

  4. She is if she says she is, OS, and she's given the Royal Assent to all the treaties passing sovereignty to the European Union. It smells bad. It's there in black and white in Hansard – she is a citizen of the EU.

    Like you, we will stand our ground. More & more it's becoming people -v- the State and unfortunately we can't seem to do it by voting in elections so it looks like torch & pitchfork time is coming.

  5. I'm not re-nouncing it GV, it was never nounced.

  6. 🙂 I don't think that would fly in a court of law, Banned but nice try.