Sunday Round-up

The question we’ve all been asking for years: Why did nobody stop Gordon?

Let them eat… insects. EU spends £2.65m researching the nutritional value of bugs. No thanks, I’ll have whatever the EU Commissioners are having.

Foreign management companies could take on the NHS. Plans discussed to hand over hospitals one at a time to avoid outcry.

Wrong, wrong, wrong: Social Services threaten to remove children permanently from parents who failed to keep their weight within state-prescribed limits.

Bishops say Military Covenant does not go far enough. An amendment to the Armed Forces Bill to be debated in the House of Lords next week.

Mandelson’s company flouted laws for eight months by falsely claiming it was not trading for profit.

Former Taoiseach Ahern doesn’t endear himself to the Irish as he claims “it’s your own fault”

What Gordon Brown’s choice of artwork reveals about him:  He’s bonkers.

Documents found in British Ambassador’s Libya residence show “Labour lied about al-Megrahi”

Documents show “secret, special & very cosy” relationship between Libya-UK-US

Booker: The sorry tale of the Cricket Club, the local Council & HMRC

Do we have to? First lesbian tv advert

Pensions soar by 70% to a record level – for top company bosses only.

Clegg demands Free Schools in “deprived areas only” and to be run not-for-profit.

That Darling book: here, here and here

Murdo Fraser wants to launch a new Scottish Conservative Party in attempt to distance Scots Tories from Westminster.

Prepare for an assault on off-licences as they’re blamed for under-age drinking

China invests heavily in Iceland as multi-millionaire buys up huge tracts of land to create “an eco-wilderness” (!)

“The Union separates Scotland from Europe” says SNP MP.

The personal animosity between May & Bratton: she found LA &NYPD boss “too macho”

Planning regulation shake-up will devastate historic sites. In England, of course.

Release of classified documents detail secret Chamberlain-Hitler talks

Bye-bye Beachy Head Lighthouse

Two from Afghanistan:

NATO statistics show more Afghan soldiers deserting the army
At Afghan Military Hospital: graft and deadly neglect

Nothing on the EDL demo in Tower Hamlets yesterday because, unsurprisingly, I can’t find a reliable msm source. I’ll add an update once I’ve checked out the independent bloggers.

UPDATE: Durotrigan  seems to have the most comprehensive info with six posts about the EDL demo.


Neil Hamilton supports UKIP
Merkel faces rebellion in Parliament; Germany divided over euro


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