Heir To Blair

Cameron has made it perfectly clear that he sees Britain’s place as being inside the EU and that there will be no referendum on Treaty change. In fact he has said that he expects there will be “no new major treaty change” as a result of the push for fiscal union and that even though it will affect Britain, he still sees no need for a referendum. Given the glut of announcements over previous days from various EU sources that the EU should push towards a full fiscal and political union you have to ask yourself whether this man, who  has the cheek to call himself “a practical eurosceptic” is the full ticket.  He doesn’t seem to realise that what he’s advocating has been planned for many years by full-blown europhiles and federalists and the Spinelli Group (here and here).  By taking up this position Cameron  is effectively aligning his views with those of Danny “the Red” Cohn-Bendit and Joschka Fischer.

Here’s the path Cameron’s following.  Yet another EU think-tank has been set up this week

Statement by the Council for the Future of Europe:


This statement is the result of a consensus. All the members of the committee support it. Having in common the ambition of a unanimous position it is therefore approved by every member without implying that each member totally agrees on every individual point. What we do share without reservation is a vision that the solution to Europe’s crisis is more integration based on the Community method, not less…

Nation states will need to share certain dimensions of sovereignty to a central European entity that would have the capacity to source revenue at the federal level in order to provide European-wide public goods…

It will be necessary to further lay out a vision of a Federation that goes beyond a fiscal and economic mandate to include a common security, energy, climate, immigration and foreign policy…

Who are the luminaries who infest this new think-tank?  Blair, Delors, Schroeder, Gonzales, Verhofstadt and Stiglitz are some of the names.  Trust Blair, wherever sh!t happens he’s always in the middle of it and Cameron’s never far behind.

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