PMQs: Summary + Videos

Tributes were paid to our Armed Forces’ personnel who have fallen in Afghanistan and Italy: Lance Corporal Paul Watkins, Corporal Mark Palin, Marine James Wright, Lieutenant Daniel Clack, and Sgt Barry Weston. Also mentioned was Snr Aircraftman James Smart who died in a road traffic accident in Italy while supporting ops in Libya. Cameron went on to remember those who died on 9/11.

Miliband thanked everybody including the police who handled the recent riots and he led on the proposal to elect Police Commissioners. He queried the cost of postponing the elections and said Cameron was wasting money.    Cameron said it would cost £25m and not come out of the police budget; he also accused Miliband and Labour of being frightened of elections (pot, kettle). Miliband insisted it was the wrong priority for the country and people “up and down the country” know it. Another  mind-reader. Cameron quoted Brown from the last Labour Party manifesto about bringing forward  proposals for elected police chiefs.  Miliband used his second three questions to question the NHS reforms and waiting lists for operations. Ding-dong or ping-pong – take your pick.

Bercow intervened twice, the first time to complain about “orchestrated heckling” even though it’s about the only thing those muppets could orchestrate.  The second time was during the question from Nadine Dorries who obviously isn’t looking for promotion.  Her question raised great cheers and laughter but Cameron didn’t answer even though it was the only part of PMQs that engaged Clegg’s interest.

Did your MP ask a question?
Ian Austin, Lab, Dudley North; Guy Opperman, Con, Hexham; Ellen Grant, Con, Maidstone & The Weald; Jonathan Ashworth, Lab, Leicester South; David Burrowes, Con, Enfield Southgate; Gloria de Piero, Lab, Ashfield; John Barron, Con, Basildon & Billericay; John Woodcock, Lab Co-op, Barrow & Furness; Heather Wheeler, Con, South Derbyshire; Thomas Docherty, Lab, Dunfermline & West Fife; Nadine Dorries, Con, Mid-Bedfordshire; Nic Dakin, Labour, Scunthorpe; John Stephenson, Con, Carlisle; Mark Taml, Lab, Deeside; Sir Alan Beith, LibDem, Berwick-upon-Tweed; Graham Morris, Lab, Easington; Mark Reckless, Con, Rochester & Strood; Dave Watts, Lab, St Helen’s North; Michael Ellis, Con, Northampton North; Barry Gardiner, Lab, Brent North; Simon Wright, LibDem, Norwich South; Diana Johnson, Lab, Kingston upon Hull North; Amanda Rudd, Con, Hastings & Rye; Huw Irrancor-Davies, Lab, Ogmore; Matthew Offord, Con, Hendon;

Topics raised:
Weakening of Control Orders; NHS reforms; linking riots, planning regs & criminal justice system; 200 police officers cut from Leicestershire force; London riots and supporting the “Global Day of Prayer”; closure of police stations; supporting eviction of Dale Farm travellers; weakening of Control Orders; Bombardier; gun law; “tell Nick Clegg who is the boss”; youth opportunities & scrapping EMA; promoting the national economy; undermining role of cctv; bailing out banks; changes to housing policy & benefit; a referendum on the EU; cutting VAT or “tax cuts to the rich”; gift to HM Queen for Diamond Jubilee; energy bills and winter fuel payments; taxation & tax credits; supporting Siemens & wind farms in the Humber; providing world leadership to alleviate the famine in the Horn of Africa; house-building and house-boats; drugs in the Caribbean.



Nadine Dorries:


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