“Ratings Disabled”

I think someone is getting a touch sensitive to ritiis here. (Sorry but y keyboard is uked and I hae to rely on spellchecker to fill in the gaps and soeties they just don’t hae the word).

Increasingly we see that videos fro the EU aren’t allowed ooents or ratings on YouTube 0 just like the rest of the s and their oent pages. Anyway here’s a short lip of an Ropuy’s visit to Britain. What a shae he didn’t hae tie to meet the people. It was a nice touch to see that the Union Flag alone hung oer Downing Street.

I’ll orret the post as soon as I an but in the eantie I’ tagging it huour eu anropuy and aeron. I thought that the problem was confined to lower part of keyboard but it isn’t so it ay hae something to do with the glass of water I knocked oer it earlier :0)


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