Farage: Cameron’s A Loser

I’m still waiting to see what, if anything, is up Cameron’s sleeve and so is Nigel Farage by the sound of it. Here he is talking to Jo Coburn on today’s Daily Politics, prior to the opening of the UKIP Conference. There will be six hundred UKIP candidates standing at the next GE and Farage would be a fool to give an undertaking to not stand against any of Euseless Eustice’s so-called euro-sceptics. If it comes to in/out there’s no choice: the new group isn’t anti-eu, it’s pro-reform of the EU, in it but not run by it, just like Cameron, and we’ve seen how well that’s worked for us over the past years, haven’t we. Farage is right: Cameron is the new Heath.

After the i/view between Farage & Coburn, Sarah Sands of the Evening Standard and the prattish Mehdi Hassan are invited to comment, no right of reply for UKIP. Cue all the usual descriptives: nutty, Little Englanders, single-issue Party, loons and fruitcakes.


3 responses to “Farage: Cameron’s A Loser

  1. Why the fuck, is she reading, preprepared notes? I know the answer. Bastard media!

  2. This got surprisingly wide coverage on the State Broadcasters Radio 2 today. No doubt they were delighted to exploit splits between the right wing government and extremists to the right; all to benefit the Red Action faction of thier Libdem favorites of old.

  3. Hi Nick – she's usually quite good but wasn't at her best in this i/view – probably worried about straying from the BBC line of ridicule.

    They'll always put their own spin on it, Banned, that's why we all take it with a pinch of salt, well, most of us anyway, I hope!