"France Is Living On Credit"

Joseph Daul says France has been living on credit since 22nd July and he calls for less inter-governmental negotiation and more “community method”. Not only that but “Britain can simply leave” the EU if that’s what “they” wish, but there is no half-way house, no “semi-exit”:


4 responses to “"France Is Living On Credit"

  1. OOOOOO is that a serious offer…we can just….leave….oh please,please please!

  2. We wish. Where's the door?

  3. Ta ta EUSSSR, by-eee, this is not a au revoir, latterrzzzzz or Ciao!

    Don't 'phone us, we'll call you.

  4. Her makes it sound so simple, doesn't he? Idiot. Like an infuriating uncle who holds out a delicious sweet but snatches it away behind his back at the last minute and laughs.