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A Thieves’ Charter

Beware the bailiffs (extract only):

“It was last year, however, that the bailiff informed me that he was to be made redundant. The Council were to engage a private firm to collect its money. My bailiff warned darkly that this would cause no end of trouble. And how right he was.

“This year, repeating the normal ritual, I refused to pay my Council Tax. The routine summons arrived – dated 12 May for a court appearance on 1 June, adding a £55 fee to the bill to bring it to £1,190.33 (pictured below right). The fee itself is a con. There is no hearing – the “judgement” is carried out by computer and the Magistrates, as so often, just rubber stamp the process … in bulk, and then add further fees.

“Anyhow, there the matter rested until 12 July, when we had stuffed through the letter box a missive from Jacobs Certified Bailiffs, demanding not £1,190.33 but £1,239.83, or my goods would be seized – a process known as “distress”. The letter claims the bailiff was in “attendance”, which was a lie – the first of many. We were in the house as the letter came through the door. There was no knock, and no attempt to speak to us.

“Now, this is quite important. Bailiffs are allowed to charge for an “attendance”, but they are not allowed to charge for letters. Hence the fraudulent claim. A sum of £25 has been added by the courts for the liability order, but the charge of £24.50 added to the bill by the bailiffs is fraudulent.

“Therein lies the second lie … ”

An illuminating post from EU Referendum.


2 responses to “Friday Post

  1. The complainant will now find that the baillif is lawfuly empowered to break into his home to remove his goods and chattels; in clear breach of Magna Carta which forbids such without fair trial by ones peers. Resistance to such will amount to Common Assault at the very least, arrest by the Police, conviction, fine at best, loss of employment, income, home and family, destitution and death on the street.

    So low are we sunk, thanks EUSSR and Tony blair.

  2. The bailiffs will get more than they bargained for, Banned. The council tax was actually paid in full before their first visit.