Quote Of The Day

“… that man, that disaster, was Mr Blair’s creation. He raised him up, took fright at the Caliban he had created, ran up the white flag and then ran away.”

From a great article by Matthew Parris in The Times£.


4 responses to “Quote Of The Day

  1. “The Times and The Sunday Times on your terms
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    No thanks, ta very much, I have plenty of other places to get my news, some paid for, some not.

  2. 🙂 I resisted as long as I could but since this was just about the only paper I read before it went £pay I just gave in eventually – I even get the crosswords back. £1 for 30days then £8.99 a month

  3. You'll quite possibly never speak to again, CE, but, in the spirit of 'what a man's gotta do …' the Guardian's cryptic crossword is far better than the one in the Thunderer and you can download is a a .pdf without having to dirty your hands at all.

    I look forward to your Sunday Reflection tomorrow and I also hope you enjoy tonight's concert; Chopin, Bartok and Wagner, I understand, as well as the traditional favourites.

    Best wishes,


  4. Thank you, Opsimath. From memory, the Guardian's is more difficult than the Times, that's why I don't do it but I'll check it out again just in case my brain has grown.

    I will be watching tonight – not too keen on Bartok usually so it will be interesting to hear the selection. Tomorrow's SR is already decided, with a huge nod towards 9/11. I hope you'll like it.