A Breach Of The Peace

Muslims against Crusades carried out their threat to disrupt the minute’s silence today outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square.  In case anyone might not hear their message they used a loudhailer as about a hundred of them shouted slogans and burned the Stars & Stripes.  They don’t  have any common decency at all.  If my memory serves me well, they did the same last year on Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph.

The police didn’t act against them, they just watched and “facilitated” but they did move on the EDL counter-protesters who were gathering in opposition.

Earlier a group of right-wing English Defence League protesters, who had gathered in response to the demonstration, were ordered to move on to accommodate the MAC supporters

It’s time the police and the government realised that the British public have had enough of them ‘accommodating’ MAC, Hizb’ut Tahrir, Islam4UK or whatever name they’ll adopt next, and it’s time to get them off our streets and away to a country where their beloved shari’a law is implemented.   If ever there was a time when a public order offence or breach of the peace was being committed, surely it was this.

I’ll leave the last word to a man who travelled down from Glasgow specifically to challenge MAC:

“I am proud to be British. I love my country. All these people are doing is breaking Britain apart.”

The Glaswegian is Muslim.

PS:  It’s a bit of sloppy journalism from the DT – and other media outlets – who brand the EDL “right-wing”.  Time and time again the EDL assert that they are not party political but the msm does what it always does and prints what it prefers to print rather than investigating and uncovering the truth.  It’s becoming a bad country in which to confess to being “right-wing”.  Right-wing these days = Anders Breivik.

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8 responses to “A Breach Of The Peace

  1. GV, nicely and fairly put. Yet I would ask we all feel quietly superior to these idiot fanatics and realise that the more they shout the less their case. The EDL has a very good record in this manner and I support their methods whole heartedly. Whilst they remain determined but peaceful their message is so much more powerful!

  2. I think the way the EDL are treated is abominable, I really do. Our politicians are so ANTI-BRITISH/ENGLISH and are happy to pander to everyone but not give us a say in how things are run in OUR COUNTRY!

    No matter what the situation, the EDL are always in the wrong. I'm sick of it.

    The EDL may be working class English men and women, but so am I and so is my other half.

    Good on you for supporting them!

  3. I'm afraid you're all rather too late. The future is Islam; despite the 'Glaswegian' Muslim's efforts, your grandchildren, and mine, will live out their old age surrounded by the cultures of the Indian subcontinent. If you're English your great grandchildren will be part of an absolute minority and after that the gates of extinction really do open up.


    The non-indigenous population is now greater than the population of Scotland and Wales – the UK's Muslim population is now greater than the population of Wales. That took little more than six decades to achieve, or less than one lifetime. Migrants continue to pour in – the number has gone up under the Coalition.

    In case any of you don't know what this process is it's called genocide. Slower than the usual type I'll admit but the result is the same. Look up the motto of the Fabians and you'll see what I mean. All nationalism will be outlawed soon, the EU is preparing the necessary legislation and the LibLabCon will just lap it up.

    Our politicians hate us, how else do you explain what they are doing to the English. The former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said 'the English don't exist' and the former Justice Secretary Jack Straw said “the English are a race not worth saving”. You get the picture. And our homeland, England, doesn't appear on a Tory map of the British Isles.

    Racism doesn't even come close to explaining what they do. This is our darkest hour.

  4. GV the great big thickos that front the non sequitor that is MaC do not understand who really provides their luncheon vouchers/causing an afront, play pen antics. Go on then chums place the plurals together. Nor do the great, soon to disappear fronyed GB public, understand that these clowns are paid to infest a ball pond, indeed have Common Purpose approval, to cause angst in the body politic whilst the theft continues apace of our basics.

    I would take a good close look at who's getting groomed in the young leadership stakes for the so called main stream parties. These clown are going to bring in anti-freedom polices disguised as equality. I'd cite the current fhekkwittery in the Scottish and Unionist Party as a straw in the wind.

    Banker approved MaC policies are soon to be enforced.

    It is called extracting tribute from a captive populace.

    The iGREEN taxes will ensure we can never flee the country.(BTW have you ever considered the real point of the poisoned leprechaun's one way fare's malarkey?)

    Ah, the smell of a kingdom paralysed by the false memory syndrome of its soap operas.

    Stepford UV degraded broken families.:-)

  5. My 12 year old daughter is just starting to do more “grown-up” things like go into town on the bus by herself. Her confidence has been steadily rising and I am a proud Mum. A few weekend back there was an EDL demo in town and these men (scum) started to shout “Muzzie c$%t” at my daughter and her friend. My daughter is white British, her friend is British, of Indian origin, and ironically Hindu not Muslim. Needless to say the girls were very shaken and brought to tears by this unprovoked and aggressive attack. I hear you saying “you can't judge all the EDL by the actions of a few!!”. Ah but that's exactly what you and your type do when it comes to Muslims!! I condemn the views and actions of both the MAC and EDL …. most people in this country just want to get along and aren't consumed by paranoia and hatred. I have many Muslim friends and believe me the last thing they would ever want is Sharia in Britain. They are as far removed from fundamental Islamists as a C of E member is removed from the ultra religious nutjobs in the USA. Why not spread a message of love and peace through this blog instead of hate? Peace, Kim.

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone and, Incoming!!!! – glad to see you're ok and back 🙂

    To Anon “Kim” – I'm sick and tired of people commenting on this blog when they haven't read the posts. Go back and read it and then leave a more rational comment. You're entitled, I suppose, to label me “you and your type” and to accuse me of spreading hate on the blog but I'm equally entitled to call you a knee-jerk idiot. Read the post and read the blog before you abuse the hospitality of the open comments system I operate.

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your daughter and her friend, it must have been very traumatic for them.

  7. Time and time again the EDL assert that they are not party political but the msm does what it always does and prints what it prefers to print rather than investigating and uncovering the truth.

    As happened with Albion Alliance. Misrepresenting is the name of the game.

  8. What happened with AA,James? I have to admit I don't get around the blogs as much as I should these days.

    You're right about spin and misrepresentation by the media – they're equally culpable of disseminating disinformation.