Sunday Round-up

It’s just links and headlines this week I’m afraid because this is about three hours overdue!

Independent on Sunday:
Wimmin! Know your place! Labour Party Conference.
Revealed: The report that could have saved fourteen lives Nimrod Air Worthiness Review
Britain to be ‘guinea pig for banking reform
Judgement Day looms for “Solicitors from Hell” website. One blogger against The Law Society and 100,000 solicitors.

The Mail on Sunday:
How Labour secretly put Libyan dissidents under house arrest at Gaddafi’s behest following Blair’s ‘deal in the desert’
Tory MP puts wife AND lover on public payroll costing you £65K
HP Sauce’s recipe secretly changed after 116 years by American owners of the Great British Condiment

The Observer:
Tories accept thousands of pounds from firm behind 200% loans
Bombardier offered fresh hope with £120m CrossCountry deal
Reality check: Who are Britain’s laziest parliamentarians?

The Sunday Telegraph:
A pivotal time for Britain in Europe (Included for the scathing and cynical comments)
Hospitals cut jobs but still hire abroad
Millions to lose ‘up to 75% of retirement income’ after pension changes
One in three employers ‘to sack agency workers’ after new EU job laws

The Sunday Times£:
Wimpey director wrote Tories’ new planning law
Homes unfit for heroes as barracks upgrade is scrapped
Ex-minister’s $1.5m bill to Libya
Fresh turmoil for eurozone
Stop there, Brussels: let us locals take over Trying to persuade us that this is an alternative to EU-isation: “European Localism”. *Sigh*


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