Harriett Baldwin defeated by her own side

Harriett Baldwin defeated by her own side


4 responses to “Harriett Baldwin defeated by her own side

  1. So much for transparency?

  2. Hi Sue, yes, I'd have thought some sort of evaluation would need to be done before any meaningful debate can take place. The govt's stock answer that they've ordered a Commission to report on the WLQ and so don't want to pre-empt it is cr@p. They only ordered the inquiry last week because they know the unequal devolution is getting to be a big problem in the country. It's now in long-grass territory, yet again.

  3. I've met Harriet a number of times. One of the few MPs who deserve to be. It therefore follows anything she supports will be quashed by the misogynistic dinosaurs.

  4. Nice to have it confirmed, OR, thanks. She comes across well in HoC debates and at PMQs – one of the new independently-minded intake rather than Whip fodder.