If you think politics is bad…

… you should try blogging about it. Once you’re into it you’ll find that the twists, turns, deceptions and outright lies first take your breath away then leave you angry, determined and sometimes demoralised. Every single lib/lab/con government has squirmed on the hook of truth and almost every MP, once elected, has been sucked into the black hole of Party Whips and self-interest.  Their every policy is think-tanked into harmonious stupefaction designed only to give the appearance of generally doing what the electorate wish while covertly laying the path to go their own not-so-sweet way and do the opposite.

“Europe” is in the news quite a bit lately; it’s been taken up enthusiastically by the msm and ministers & MPs galore are coming out of the woodwork to pronounce on it.  ‘Don’t worry’, they say, ‘we recognise the unease in the country and we shall address these problems.  Look, we’ve even set up a new working group to discuss areas where we will demand competences back from Brussels.  Leave it with us, there’s no need for a referendum, we’ll be fine.’

Lying, cheating, thieving scumbags.  How many petitions have there been?  How many signatures?  Deceitful toerags.  In case you haven’t already picked up the message from this blog (and I know some don’t bother to read the posts before commenting) it’s a scam.  They nudge us in subtle ways and they subvert language to their own ends.  It’s nothing I haven’t said before and, oh boy, it gets tiresome sometimes.  Cameron complaining of “banging on about Europe” has nothing on me.

Let’s get something else out of the way:  for the umpteenth time, Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ is EU-driven, his ‘localism’ is EU-driven, all major government polices are EU-driven.   That this isn’t acknowledged by our Westminster Assembly doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  That’s all they are: a Regional Executive with power devolved down to them from Brussels.

They use our money via taxation, hidden and unhidden, and our own language against us.  For example, look at this memo from Cameron’s PPS to Hague’s PPS, uncovered at the weekend:

RESTRICTED –  CivServ Eyes Only
To: Charlie EUpmanship-Fosstreugel
From: Justin One-EUpmanship-Rousseausop

Charlie, old mucker-mate, greetings

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that the natives are becoming rather restless over the EU issue.  Now, I know it’s a bind but we should nip this in the bud right away.  After all, it wouldn’t do to let the great unwashed have a say in government policy – that really would derail the gravy train.

To that end, we propose saturating the media with statements from Ministers about how my current PM is a euro-sceptic.  Now, don’t baulk at the use of that word because we intend to make it our own.  That will be followed by your current Foreign Sec enlarging on the idea and using phrases such as “pulling away from Brussels” but don’t concerrn yourselve with the small detail, we will draft an article for release.  The important issue for us is the media coverage and the use of the word ‘euro-sceptic’.

Euro-sceptic is a word that has been in use for quite some time to describe those nutty fruitcakes who are opposed to the creation of the European Union but we intend to use that term to our advantage – in effect making the waters rather murky.  By extension, we’ll also label those fruitloops as hate-filled racists and xenophobic backwoodsmen.  We will be soothing and accommodating in our approach and it will be another heads we win/tails you lose situation for us.

With effect from 5 September, all MPs, with the obvious exception of those who have previously held a post in Brussels, and the LibDems (*snork* remind me to tell you about the grapefruit, the cocaine and the dominatrix next time we meet up in the Lidington & Limp Lettuce Arms), all MPs will describe themselves as ‘euro-sceptic’ and admit to having had reservations about the EU. They will all come out of the closet, so to speak, and confess that the effect on national sovereignty and so on had concerned them for some time but they’d felt unable to voice their opinions; however, now there is to be a new group they feel no such uncertainty.  We have the press releases already drafted.

Just one small item entre-nous:  get on to the Whips’ Office and tell them to keep an eye out for David Davis.  We don’t want him taking to the airwaves and giving the masses ideas at this fragile time.  Lord knows, the last thing we’d want is Davis as PM and Farage is giving us a big enough headache as it is.



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