Every Move, Every Hour, Every Day

The State will ask tens of thousands of Britons to keep a ‘time diary’ to record what they do every hour of every day in an effort to put together some sort of Happiness Index.

Do you have a pet?
If so, what is it?
Do you walk your dog?
Do you cycle to work?
How much tv do you watch?
How many hours do you sleep?
Do you eat regularly?
What do you eat?
Do you enjoy music?
If not, why not?
Do you shop at supermarkets?
Are you regular in your habits?
When do you do these things?
What are you thinking now?

The idiot policy-wank from Oxford University who devised the survey said:

‘Our individual states of happiness, or unhappiness, our states of well- or ill-being, are collectively the appropriate basis for the selection of the future course of public policy.’

I’d tell you what I’m thinking but the blog would be removed under the Obscenities Act. Just ffffffoff and LEAVE US ALONE YOU MORONIC B@ST@RDS.




5 responses to “Every Move, Every Hour, Every Day

  1. Hmm…

    Monday 0900-1700 earn money to pay tax so the government can piss it up the wall
    Monday 1800-2300 pay tax so the government can piss it up the wall
    Monday 2300-0800 sleep

    Tuesday-Friday see Monday *

    * Dole walla's and those working^W striking in the public sector may find their experience somewhat different.

  2. Another stupidity thought up by another dull minded dim witted academic.


  3. I said no to the Census unless fears about data security were addressed. They weren't so I said no, finally!

  4. Nice spot GV. This is but an extension of the Census Form that I did not complete and return – and about which I have heard nothing further. If selected this will meet with the same response, namely a polite refusal.

  5. Hi PJH, Mike, OR and Mr W – thanks for your comments. I do hope those who are selected to receive these forms have a backbone and refuse to co-operate. It's such a gross intrusion and the benefits will be negligible. FHS, one minute they refuse a referendum on the you-know-what on the grounds that the people usually don't know best and the next minute they want to know all our thoughts so they can formulate govt policy.

    I like your blog, Mike – I'll watch the video on UK farming poppies later. It's a nice colour scheme too 😉