Farage: EU Anti-Democratic Dictatorship

He tells them the truth and still gets heckled. They just won’t listen to reason – and neither will Cameron.

A Belgian prat, without a government and with a disintegrating country, comes in on a blue card and says the only revolution he’s seen lately is not in Greece but on the streets of London. Phillipe Lambert, Belgian MEP, Green & f/wit. These people just aren’t listening.


5 responses to “Farage: EU Anti-Democratic Dictatorship

  1. A green Belgian (does that country still exist?)

    I fucking hate Belgians and the French! (Excuse my Spanish 🙂

  2. Hi Sue – By all accounts Belgium is on the brink of collapse – maybe Germany can move in and occupy it. Don't worry abt the language – I'm past caring these days.

  3. @Sue

    There is no reason to hate the people of Belgium, either Flemish or Walloon. As for the French perhaps you missed this http://www.ukip.org/content/video-zone/2462-arise-the-republic

    Focus your invective on those that deserve it, namely Rompuy, Barroso, Ashton et al.

  4. the French and Belgians are like the Americans; a fine people with crap politics.
    and all of those, as well as us in the UK, need to get out of our comfort zone and vote for new groups with fresh ideas and the determination to carry them through.

  5. This is a car wreck in slow motion… difficult to look at.