Hello Germany…This Is The BBC Calling

You really couldn’t make it up, could you?

A coordinated display of firepower from the world’s largest central banks has pushed up the value of the euro in the foreign exchange markets, and European bank shares have surged.

“A good day for the Eurozone”

On the other hand, Zero Hedge has ‘This Intervention REEKS of Desperation’.

Now, who to believe: Stephanie Flanders of the BBC or Zero Hedge? Hmm, tough call.


5 responses to “Hello Germany…This Is The BBC Calling

  1. Daniel Hannan, in his latest video minute, equates the leadership of the EU with Homer Simpson. It's priceless. Doh!

  2. I have asked the question “I wonder who the 1937 Nazi equivalent of Kate Silverton was? Or the 1955 Kremlin equivalent of Huw Edwards?” I am hoping for an answer.

    There is an answer and there is a career. There are also graves.

  3. UUUmmm!…hedge..no..beeb…no…hedge errrm ummm what did me da always say…always HEDGE your bets son…kk got it now Hedge!

  4. Hi Old South – yes, I've seen it. I think Hannan's message is fine but he's prone to theatricals and flowery body language that tends to overpower the message. He needs to calm down 🙂

    @Incoming! There are graves, already dug and waiting. The talk from the EU now is threatening war if the eurozone and the eu construct fails.

    @Anonymong (pls choose a name) Great link, thank you. You don't read the blog, do you? I posted it on Wednesday.

    @Seudenimon 🙂