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Economists believe the EU would be unlikely to survive a disorderly break-up of the euro

By delaying the inevitable the gibbering idiots of the EU have only deferred and increased the pain of break-up. It would have been much better for everyone (except themselves) if they’d faced reality sooner but they’re so wedded to the idea of Monnet’s Superstate they couldn’t possibly admit they got it wrong. They needed the euro and EMU as a forerunner to political governance, knowing that it wouldn’t work properly without it. It seems their hubris has caught up with them at last.

Watch out for the growing talk of an EU Federation – with “power devolved down to the lowest possible level.” (!)


Another example of the government’s sleight of hand when avoiding EU issues can be seen HERE  where the Maritime & Coastguards Agency, which protects Britain’s shores, is under threat because of proposals to create a pan-EU coastguard agency.  The government is deaf to all appeals and say the cuts will go ahead regardless because of the need to save money. They’re running scared from mentioning EU involvement, as usual.

UPDATE: I’ve just spotted this in yesterday’s Times (£):

“Europe is in danger,” Mr Rostowski told the European Parliament in Strasbourg, warning even that “war” could return to the continent in the future if the bloc crumbled.

“If the eurozone breaks up, the European Union will not be able to survive, with all the consequences that one can imagine,” he said.

Jose Manuel Barroso, the powerful president of the European commission, agreed with the Polish minister.

So there we have it, yet another euro leader warning that if the EU collapses war could be the result.


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