You may as well watch it…

…since we’re paying for it.

Evelyne Gebhardt, MEP in the so-called Socialists & Democrat group, which means nothing and is neither- had a brief Yes/No interlude with EuroParltv:

Q. Can Greece go back to the drachma?
A. No. Absolutely not. It would be a disaster for the euro and the EU.

Not a word about the Greeks or how staying within the euro is an absolute disaster for them, only concern for the euro and the EU. What a good little helper she is.

Gebhardt & the interviewer then go on to discuss the proposal of the German Finance Minister that flags of member-states who are have financial problems should be flown at half-mast – yes, somebody, somewhere voted for him.

They go on to ‘discuss’ the coronation of Martin Schultz, another useful helper, as the six-monthly rotating President when Buzek retires.  Schultz has been ‘elected’ unopposed, much like Gordon Brown – it’s just his turn for the job.

The interviewer then says: “Thank you for playing the game,” before moving on to a quick overview of the week’s news.

EuroParltv was launched in 2008, has a tiny audience, a budget of 10m euros and costs approximately 60,000 euros per hour of broadcast.  It ran into trouble last year when questions were raised about  audience figures and value-for-money so a new head of ops was appointed.  George Kasimatis thought that, rather than the direct approach, it would be better for content to be aired by channels with which viewers are more comfortable.

Our efforts are concentrated on promoting Europarl TV, not directly to the citizens, but indirectly, through national, local, regional channels, and of course parliamentary channels. We offer them content for free, and they commit to promoting EuroparlTV and its content as much as possible.

The EU’s answer to this profligate waste of taxpayers’ money is… more, more and more.  More money for more distribution and marketing.  More money from us to give to them so they can tell us how beneficial they are in our lives.  There’s even been talk about an obligatory pan-Europe licence fee for EuroNews and EuroParl – so we pay them to enable them to broadcast propaganda and then we pay them again because our tvs can receive the signal.

Here’s their outpost in sunny London.  Personally, I think the old Conservative HQ at  Smith Square should be firebombed.


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