Anarchists & Lefties

The news hasn’t been new for a long time now, which is why blogging is becoming more intermittent.; the days of 9/10 posts are long gone.  If you ever take up blogging you’ll end up with bookmarked pages as long as your arm and then some – each and every one to be checked out each and every day.   Eventually you’ll find that they’re reporting on something you blogged about the day before, the week before, or, as with the Lisbon Treaty, a year or two before.   I’m not sure why I keep the blog going really, except that the most enjoyable part is the feedback and links.  With that in mind, here are some questions:

Why are the revolting types all Lefties? I’m repulsed about what’s happening in the world as much as the next man but I’m not a dreadlocked crusty, a student or a member of the UAF/SWP. If I call myself ‘right-wing’ will everyone think I’m an Anders Breivik in the making? If I say that Britain and, in particular, England, is crammed to bursting point and there should be a moratorium on immigration, am I a fascist? If I see poverty and suffering in the world and try to alleviate it on a personal level, am I a bleeding-heart Liberal?  If I say the NHS is not fit for purpose, am I a dyed-in-the-wool reactionary, harking back to the days of Shaftesbury and Barnardo and taking bread from the mouths of the poor?

I’m an anarchist in that I’d like to see the overthrow of the current regimes in the UK, EU and UN ( 🙂 not a big ask), the regimes that have been leading us by the nose via their helpmeets in the media and putting us, our families and our productivity, as collateral against bankers’ debts.

On last night’s Newsnight it was said, twice, that “capitalism has failed”, “capitalism is at fault” but no-one was there to rebut those statements. It was just me, sitting alone in front of the tv, tearing out my hair, biting my fingernails and throwing the cat at the screen. Capitalism hasn’t failed because the system we’ve been living under isn’t capitalism; it’s Third Way interventionism, aka communitarianism, a form of socialism.  Capitalism is being regulated by socialists and that’s why our financial system is failing.

State education is wrong – a nice idea but wrong. A State-defined national curriculum for schools is wrong, wrong, wrong. The Tories are as guilty as Labour for degrading our education system, once the finest in the world. We used to produce free-thinkers and innovators, mechanics and engineers but now we languish in international league tables and spew out children only fit for riot-fodder because they can barely read, write or understand English.

The State has done its job of divide and conquer well. It’s turned out an unthinking section of society with no interest in politics beyond smash ‘n’ grab, and a separate, cultured, stream that’s steeped in Lefty learning and propaganda. In the middle are the great ignored – those who write to MPs about a local injustice, those who have never seen a policeman except to ask directions or the time of day, those who live by society’s rules and then learn, too late, that it was all a lie and a scam.  In fifty years’ time it will begin all over again and those who live by decent standards will still be the losers.


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