Slavering Hoon

There’s no disguising the fact that I think very little of this man. If his overall demeanor isn’t enough to turn you off then think about the separate ongoing investigations into making a false declaration  of expenses at the 2010 General Election ( “I have full confidence that my agent declared my election expenses correctly.” )  and evading motoring charges – and I’m sure we can all remember forking out to buy him a packet of chocolate hob-nobs  and the general up-keep of his designated second home as well.

This disgusting waste of space, this ‘man’, this holier-than-though sanctimonious preacher of do as I say, not as I do, is actually attacking elements of the Tories for being too right-wing. Now, right-wing these days means everything and anything to all men, but Huhne compares them to America’s Tea Party, as if that were somehow a ‘Bad Thing’.  The Tea Party is ordinary Americans fighting against  Third Way/Communitarian/Agenda21 politics and there’s nothing wrong with that.  What Huhne’s saying is that those who disagree with his beliefs are nutjobs and fascists.

I really do despise this man who is so smug, so sure in his own beliefs that he entertains no contrary opinion. He should have been drowned at birth.  He’s the one man who makes me puke more than Gordon Brown – even his Wikipedia page has been heavily doctored.

Breakdown of SOME of his 2007/8 expenses:

Incidental expenses:

£65 for accommodation on an extended trip, but has blanked out the information saying where he was visiting.
£50.17 to clear blocked drains
£418 for car travel, although again there are no details of where the trips were from or to.
£1,302 on landline and mobile phone charges
£138 on teabags, coffee and other “office requisites”, although a 58p entry on a receipt for doughnuts was crossed off.
£420.50 on train travel, although there are no details of where and when trips were made
£164.50 to his party for placing two adverts in Lib Dem News hunting for an office manager and researcher
£70.57 on the office fax bill
£8,502 on office rent

Additional allowance expenses:

£135.50 TV licence
£384.12 building and contents insurance
£155.56 phone bills
£177.85 electricity bills
£81.50 water bills
£720.24 cleaning
£1577.18 council tax
£149.24 gardening
£257.49 maintenance (bleeding radiators, making up a bedside cabinet, changing an outside light, fixing extractor fan and dimmer switch).

Tories: “Slavering over tax cuts for the rich”

“The danger if you don’t compromise is now clear from America.

“There the markets looked over the brink when the mad-cap Republican right in Congress would not compromise with the President.

“Let that be a warning to the Conservative right here – we need no Tea Party Tendency in Britain.

“If you fail to compromise, if you fail to seek the common ground that unites us, if you insist that only you have the answers, if you keep beating the anti-European drum, if you slaver over tax cuts for the rich, then you will put in peril the most crucial achievement of this Government.”

He’s a fine one to talk about not listening to opposing views or compromise, he with his wind farms and hot air energy policies that have seen costs  to the consumer rise inexorably in this country   On the continent they manage to keep energy prices down and it’s becoming apparent that the price is low for French and German consumers to the detriment of the British.  But that’s alright, because we’re all one harmonious people now; we’re all European; there is no such thing as French, German, Italian or British nationality anymore, according to Huhne the Hoon.

He was educated at Westminster, the Sorbonne and Oxford, was an MEP for six years (pension alert!) and  is of indeterminate heritage but his father is/was German – that much I do remember.  The more this sort of thing goes on, this re-writing and air-brushing of history, the more we will have to take screen grabs of info as and when it arises.  Blogging just got tougher.

What a duplicitous, two-faced b@st@rd  of a weasely nasty piece of work Huhne is.  Give me a village green, stocks and I’ll grow my own rotten tomatoes – then give me Huhne.


5 responses to “Slavering Hoon

  1. I think we might be each other's brainchildren, GV!

  2. I'd be more than happy to drown him now, GV…… please! 😉

  3. Thank you for so eloquently expressing my incoherent ravings at the TV last night, when this smug git's face turned up.

  4. Oh for him to dissapear only to found in the concrete footings of one of his bloody useless windmills at the end of its 25yr lifespan.

  5. Hi OR, I bet they'd be beautiful 🙂

    Spidie! Long time no see – I hope all's well. I'd like first dibs on Huhne. We can have a coalition: I pelt him with rotten fruit and then you can drown him.

    Oh, Davieboy – this man just gets my dander up. He doesn't even have to speak.

    @ Wiggieatlarge, if he wasn't part of the mafia then he wd be wearing concrete overshoes by now. At the moment he's protected, but I definitely agree with your sentiment. He's such a fatuous fool. Let's see how those police investigations go. Again.