The Msm: Doncha Just Love’em

It’s amazing what passes for news these days. Mostly it’s chewed-up, regurgitated and spat out trash for the entertainment of the masses, of which I’m one.  I’m amazed the DM  and other newspapers have the readership they do, as people become more savvy.

For example, I’m not interested in THIS but I would quite like to know who the killer is, presumably still at large.  From the same paper we have pot, kettle and black:  FEMA Camps have been detected in North Korea.

GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out – just like our state education system.

This one you couldn’t make up: Turban Bomb (Times £) kills cleric.  Perhaps cartoonists should stop giving ideas to jihadists.

Here’s a small *sigh* and here is Tell us news, not history.

Norman Tebbit takes re-constituted thuggee McGuinnesss apart.  McG says he’d even meet the Queen if he were elected.  What I’d like to know is: would HM the Queen meet him?  I already know how many torturers, murderers, thugs and tyrants are re-cycled into governments around the world.

Let’s face it, the world is a mess of globalised f*ckwittery and nothing will change until (a) the globalising forces see sense and reverse their policies, or (b) we fight wholeheartedly  and en masse against them.  I can’t see either of those happening within the next fifteen/twenty years.

The sad thing is that the msm could be a truly heroic part of the bloody fight to come but they choose to remain an integral part of the bread and circuses; they give us distractions rather than truth, and government press releases rather than investigative and factual reporting.


2 responses to “The Msm: Doncha Just Love’em

  1. I spent last evening reading and researching “The Taps” blog. I'm not sure I believe all of it but it DOES just show you how f**ked up things are if even half of it is true.

  2. I've been following Taps from the beginning but because he was abroad and didn't always update his blog I didn't include him in the sidebar. He seems to have taken off lately.

    Sue, we are f*cked. No doubt about it – if you've got money the govts want it in the form of taxation, if you do something, govts want payment in the form of fines, if you've got short & curlies, the govts want those too. Bad days.