Two for the road

In between flooding toilets (I’m in a flat) and a laptop that insists on telling me it can’t start so has to do automatic repairs, I haven’t got much done today, at all. In hindsight, it would have been better if I’d stopped fretting about it and just painted my toenails instead.

It’s probably for the best that I haven’t posted, given the mood I’m in and that nothing seems to have moved on from yesterday or last week/year. Essentially, the loonies are still in charge of the world’s governments and we’re f/cked (*pemf). We don’t really need to know more, except, perhaps, how to hoard canned food without looking like an escapee from Bedlam, or how to light a fire with a few twigs and fashion a dagger from flint without looking like an escapee from the SAS with ptsd.

While I look up the address of the landlord (“Oh, how quaint, it has an original Victorian bathroom” – yes, and the flipping Victorian plumbing too you money-grabbing numbnut, you everything-is-tax-deductible-including-my-wife cheapskate), and a proper pc with a bit of bite, here are two from my blogroll:

A barrel of fish for Pingu
2ozs of Pear Drops for Max

* pemf = please excuse my French.

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