It was on a Thursday morning…… that the plumber came to call. So that was my day, no bathroom but copious quantities of builder’s tea and plates of chocolate hob-nobs. The cats weren’t best pleased – neither of them like the noise or the restrictions of the flat and always make a dash for the door (like kitty, like owner). I haven’t told them yet but he’s coming back tomorrow having done a temporary job today.  He also brought down half the ceiling but thereby hangs another tale.

I haven’t done a WHEDFU for a while so here’s a quick round-up but first, please join me in a little prayer:

Libyan PM jailed in Tunisia. Erstwhile PM, Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, was caught trying to cross the border illegally and has already been tried and sentenced to six months’ imprisonment. If only the wheels of our Courts turned more speedily.

The UN: Plugging away in failure. The essence of the article is that if you keep failing, try a different tactic. There’s a Christian slant to it but if you’re not interested, just ignore the Biblical references.

Say hello to the European Protection Order. It will “cover victims of gender violence, harassment, abduction, stalking or attempted murder; thus, not only sex-crime victims, but “other forms of indirect coercion […] as well as her/his dignity and personal liberty”.

Get ready for Cameron to announce a new, innovative, Big Society, drugs policy: Human Rights-based approach to druggies. An initiative from the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe.

The Polish Interior Minister has slated Holland and Finland because they want tighter control of their own borders rather than rely on Schengen when it comes to admitting Bulgarians and Romanians. Poland holds the EU rotating Presidency at the moment (because we can never have too many Presidents).

An aside: it’s always amazed me that Britain, despite the Schengen Agreement being a “red line”, a “line in the sand” beyond which our government would not go, we still have borders as porous as those of Greece or Italy, despite the fact we’re an island. I’m astounded at how well our governments have done in breaking down borders. It’s as if the natural barrier of water didn’t exist and that puts paid to my childhood belief that evil witches can’t cross water.

What do we want? More awareness of girls. When do we want it? Now!:

“MEPs have launched a written declaration calling for more awareness of the plight of girls and young women in Europe and around the world.

The demand for the UN to inaugurate 22 September as the international day of the girl was part of a series of events during this week’s European week of action for girls in parliament.”

No wonder the poor guy fried. Sorry if you think this is in bad taste but really. The EU has no place interfering in another country’s jurisdiction. Having said that, I did sign the petition to free him. Poor chap.

Watching me, watching you. Meet the EU’s new Computer Emergency Response Pre-configuration Team (CERT-EU).

Another aside: I can’t be the only one to have noticed the increasing references to cyber-crimes these days.  Whether it’s stalking or bullying or tweeting, it’s all in the ‘news’, from the Mail to the Sun to the Telegraph & The Times. The Judicial Inquiry into #hackgate will not only look at regulating the msm but the internet too.  They’ll be looking to see if it’s possible for Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, to be shut down in a State of Emergency.  Keep an eye open for it – we’re being ‘nudged’ via the msm.

Open Europe, a pro-EU think-tank but honest about it, takes a look at the British press coverage “We would perhaps add that the EU is already at the heart of national politics”.  Nice to see it acknowledged somewhere at last.

EU Civil Servants are apparently up in arms about proposals for them to work a 40-hr week.  My heart bleeds.  What with taxation at 8% and all those ring-fenced pensions they must really have a hard life.

On the day that Cuadrilla announces it has found sixty-six years of gas reserves in Lancashire and can create 1700 jobs, the EU lobbyists says fracking is “dangerous for our health and the planet”.  So, good luck with that one, Cuadrilla and Lancashire unemployed.

Are you worried about your job, your pension, how you’ll manage when you retire?  Well, stop being so insular, xenophobic and small-minded.   Here’s the EU’s favourite think tank: the Arab Democratic Wave,  the EU & China in Africa, Angola, Syria and Afghanistan.  They haven’t even heard of Doncaster, Stockton-on-Tees or Mevagissey.

If you’re at a loose end, between jobs and job-seekers, make a video.   Europarltv is running a competition to find out what diversity means to you.  Do enter; you may as well, you’re paying for it.

About UKIP:  THIS is their website.  Their blazing headline is “Why we support British Pub Week.”.  I think it’s time someone, somewhere pulled their finger out.  The website is a joke and their priorities are wrong.  Any number of independent bloggers have better-presented sites and more current and relevant news.  They just look so seventies and it’s about time they sharpened up if they want to be taken seriously as a political force.


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