Cameron promoted

I do wish foreign governments would get their protocol right otherwise it just gives our Ministers airs and graces above their station.

Here is “His Excellency” David Cameron, a Member of Parliament for only ten years and Prime Minister for eighteen months, speaking at the UN today:

He doesn’t mean a word of it. If he did, this country wouldn’t still be in the mess it is, we would have had a government-instigated revolt against EU rule by now. It’s just words. We’ve had Blair and Brown following Major and Thatcher, who fell on the EU issue – but it wasn’t the people doing the back-stabbing. Now we have a coalition, which no-one wanted except Cameron, Clegg and the Puppet Masters.

Be wary of any politician who advocates a policy and says it’s “in the national interest” or who supports Big Society localism.  It’s a con. Solzhenitsyn had it right when he spoke about “the good of the cause”.


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