Friday Post

I’ve given some leeway to the lack of historical perspective and reliance on a movie script because the message just seems to fit the moment. At a time of political turmoil in the 16thC Guy Fawkes was a Catholic who planned to instate a Catholic Monarchy on the throne of England when the English were Protestants. No wonder they burned him. I don’t think we have such English people now – harmonised, homogenised, diluted, call it what you will. Anyway, here it is, the 5th of November 2011, courtesy of Seudenimon at NomineDeus:


3 responses to “Friday Post

  1. Many thanks for the link and reposting, let us hope that people are awake enough to rise up off their behinds and actually do something which scares the bejasus out of those supposed to be in charge eh!

  2. It is time for hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens to flood into Westminster and demand a referendum to prevent civil revolt. In addition, a few hangings wouldn't hurt.

  3. You're welcome ND – somehow, I don't hold out much hope. I don't think things are bad enough yet, for all the whingeing about the little things and the 'cuts' that aren't cuts at all.

    Hi Nickie, it is but don't hold your breath. I don't know what's infected the English – so apathetic that they can't be bothered to join the dots.