Why the surprise?

It’s being reported that the European Union proposes a common criminal justice system to sit with the European Arrest Warrant. Hallelujah! At last the message is getting through.

The EU wants to set criminal offences and minimum sentences and, according to Vivian Reding, a 2005 ruling from the ECJ that the EU can impose its own criminal offences “where it is essential in order to facilitate the enforcement of EU law”, together with the Lisbon Treaty, support the implementation of the policy.  (Unless you’re a lawyer who specialises in European Law, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the specific case).

Our own criminal justice system has shifted perceptibly towards the European Napoleonic Code and away from our own Common Law (trial without jury, double indemnity are two examples). When we warned of it we were told that we were, well, you know what they called us so I won’t repeat it.

I don’t think anything can be any clearer. We have been subverted; it’s an inside job and we have been taken over with the approval of our own elected MPs and government Ministers. Our national sovereignty has gone and we are at the whim of selected politicos and bureaucrats in the EU who use taxation against us.

What is EU law?

The main goal of the EU is the progressive integration of Member States’ economic and political systems and the establishment of a single market based on the free movement of goods, people, money and services.

To this end, its Member States cede part of their sovereignty under the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) which empowers the EU institutions to adopt laws.

These laws (regulations, directives and decisions) take precedence over national law and are binding on national authorities. The EU also issues non-binding instruments, such as recommendations and opinions, as well as rules governing how EU institutions and programmes work, etc.

There’s really not much more to be said – I’ve done with the jaw-jaw and incitement to war-war. From the moment I began blogging I thought that people would quickly pick up on what was happening and there’d be an outcry, but they didn’t and I’m still waiting. It comes to something when I’d rather talk to a plumber about fixing a leak than see what the EU is doing now or what directives our own traitorous government is nodding through. Two/three years ago I’d talk about manning the barricades, well, I’ve still got the ropey old mattress if someone else can give me a lift to Brussels, but I can be patient.

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