Sunday Round-up

This Sunday’s audio sound-track: [at CE main blog)

From the Parish Press:

Gaddafi gave £1.48m to Irish terror groups before going into hiding
Secret NATO report warns British troops against Afghan allies
Cameron orders aggressive campaign to protect the Union from Scottish independence
Murphy secretly headed coalition against 2009 Scottishs referendum
Miliband and the missing link
Passport Agency/Siemens IT costs quadruple to £365m
Miliband: pledge to cut tuition fees
“Meltdown fears for euro”: Planning for Greek default
£1.75 trillion to save euro from Greek default
Osborne: We’re not planning for Greek default
Suppressed Report published: How Labour hid truth of immigration
BBC toes the lines and ditches AD/BC for CE and BCE
Delingpole: How the BBC embraced Marxist claptrap
How Gordon Brown tops up his salary
Blair’s Firerush faces scrutiny
Rumours circulate about Blair extra-marital affair
Tory MP campaigns against constituency windfarm but plans his own
Kettling tactics spread to New York
Hands off Our Land latest
Hacker disables Commons telephone system
Observer editorial: Miliband must seize the day
A birthday outing for Baroness Thatcher
Make a million writing your own e-book

From The Sunday Times (£):
£3bn worth of equipment to be left behind in Afghanistan
The road ahead: how bad can the economy get?
Emergency mission to save the euro
3trillion euro deal to save euro
Clarkson’s Column: Fido loves the vacuum cleaner
Celebrities record bin voices

Happy Sunday!


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