Been There, Done That

I was all fired up to write about the weekend’s IMF/G20 Washington meeting but it’s in all the newspapers this morning in one form or another and by the time I’d read them all my va-va-voom had zoomed away.  It’s like living in the past, in a very bad way.

Any of today’s articles could have been written at almost any point in the past five years.

Brown calls for increase in IMF’s bailout fund – 2008
Brown and Sarkozy unite in call for increased IMF funds – 2008
Brown calls for increased IMF funds – 2009
European leaders agree to extra stimulus money – 2009
G20 leaders seal £1trn global deal – 2009
IMF predicts global recovery by 2010


Lagarde: IMF may need billions in extra funding
Europe in massive US-style bailout
EU looking at trillions in shock-and-awe plan to end crisis
German lawyer to take Trichet to court over illegal bailouts
The DT’s rolling blog of ‘Debt Crisis Live’

What have they done with the trillions they’ve already had?  They’re nothing but parasites and leeches, sucking the life-blood out of the ordinary man in the street who finds that the harder he works to benefit his family, the more the state sucks from him via higher taxes – only to wrap it up with a pretty pink bow and send it on to the IMF, the ECB or the EFSF.


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