The Final Straw?

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I’m not holding my breath because almost every day I read/hear something that could qualify as the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back but surely THIS must bring us closer to a tipping point.

Despite the LibDems and Conservatives opposing this Labour (Jacqui Smith) scheme when they were in Opposition, it seems they’ve now had a change of heart and have increased the numbers by more than a third.


The Conservative party condemned the increase in the number of civilians given police powers

Dominic Grieve, 2008: “The public want to see real police on the streets discharging these responsibilities, not private firms who may use them inappropriately, including unnecessarily snooping on ordinary citizens. This is a consequence of the government’s obsession with policing on the cheap as well as their staggering complacency towards the extension of surveillance.”

Jacqui Smith’s Stasi State


More than 2,200 civilians including street wardens, housing officers, countryside rangers, traffic marshals and stewards can now issue fines for dropping litter, dog fouling, truancy and so on. These ‘accredited’ people can also take your photograph and demand your name and address if you “fail to follow appropriate directions”. That’s tightly-worded isn’t it, so there’ll be no misunderstandings there then. I also wonder how many of these accredited persons will be sent on Common Purpose courses to improve their “leading beyond authority” skills.

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UPDATE: This is from April 2010 just before the GE – ACPO at it again and there’s a quote from Chris Grayling, then Shadow Home Affairs spokesman, now Employment Minister.

Tory home affairs spokesman Chris Grayling called for an immediate end to the scheme: ‘People expect policing powers to be held by police, and not by other groups like nightclub bouncers,’ he said.


6 responses to “The Final Straw?

  1. Carry a rubber mask around with you so if you're ever stopped by one of these clowns you can use it

    a) to mock their supposed 'authority'

    b) to prevent them from taking a photo of you

    Remember, you are under no obligation to give them your name as it creates 'joinder' – essentially creating a contract (albeit one you are not supposed to know about).

    These fcukers are at war with us – it's time to fight back.


  2. So when the streets are full of truanting school kids, litter, graffiti and dog mess the typical Daily Fail type is calling for more policing, zero tolerance, for the government to be “tough on crime” ….. yet when this happens, using ordinary citizens to help (Big Society anyone?) as the Police have got “real” crime to deal with and not enough officers (cuts) the Daily Fail types are up in arms! Never makes sense to me – ho hum.

  3. Rather than carrying a mask, wear a niqab or burkah. No, I couldn't care less if both are spelt wrongly.

  4. Hi There GV

    I read with interest your post concerning the proposals to enable private companies and so forth, various powers which both you and I are of the same opinion – “They have no moral authority to exercise”.

    Indeed back in August of 2008 I had occasion to publish my thoughts on this outrageous proposal as engendered by the then Labour government – it would seem like nothing has changed with this present lot of shysters either.

    Yours Aye

  5. So many anonymous!

    Anon1 – I take your point but don't see the need for a mask – just politeness and a refusal to co-operate.

    Anon2 – I don't know where you live but the streets round me aren't “full of truanting kids, litter… ” The point of objecting to this is that it's a civilian force being built up and expanded rather than DISbanded as the Conservatives said they would do if they were in office.

    Anon3 – Not practical for me – I might be mistaken for a robber on my way to a jeweller's shop.

    Hi BigD – thanks for the link, good post. You're right, nothing has changed under this govt. They promised a Grand Repeal Act, a bonfire of quangos, a one in/one out policy on regulation but they haven't done any of it. They couldn't even stick to their pledge on immigration. They can't get rid of them because the majority are EU-driven.

  6. PS Anon1 – David – thanks for the info. I take it you know and ? If not, go and have a look, lots more great info.