No more pussyfooting around

It may have been ill-mannered to call the europrat an idiot, but that’s mild compared to what opponents of the EU have been called in the past decades. Even Paxman joined in: “Mr Idiot in Brussels, would you like to respond?” It’s time to call a spade a spade and a europhile who’s up himself an idiot. Anyone who can’t stomach being called an idiot is in the wrong job as an EU spokesman.

Oborne prompts EU spokesman to walk out:

Example of idiocy: “The euro is a factor of stability and prosperity.”

John Redwood called it “a provocative performance by a representative of the EU”.

JR also posts an interesting response to a question from a commenter. When asked why he backed Clarke and not Hague for Tory leadership in 1997, JR replies:

“Because he said I could make the party’s policy ‘No’ to joining the Euro and would be Shadow Chancellor to enforce and argue that line.”

In 1997, Hague had not ruled out joining the euro.

UPDATE: The German Parliament has just voted 523 For, 85 against the EFSFand while all this is happening, what does our own PM Cameron have to say?

“[I am] very concerned about the use of single-use carrier bags and the effect that they have on the environment”.


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