Up Against The Wall

Nicolas Wilhelm Pieter Clegg has jetted off to Poland today where he will be giving a “major” speech calling on all EU member-states to be united, pull together and support the euro. Poland currently holds the rotating presidency and is fiercely europhile (it’s one of the few countries doing well at the moment in terms of GDP and growth) so he can expect a warm reception.

Denis MacShane, former Europe Minister under Labour, was on the radio this morning speaking in support of Barroso and the EU’s Financial Transaction Tax. He queried why people wouldn’t want to pay a: “tiny, infinitesimal, small tax” to support the EU.  This numpty no-nothing who thinks his opinions are worth listening to even got the current VAT rate wrong – he said it was 18%.

The FTT is being presented as “banker-bashing” and making financial institutions repay the taxpayers who bailed them out in 2008 but it’s no such thing.  It’s being presented like that only to get the general population on-side – and they have the nerve to deride “populism” and call for more transparency.  The ideologically warped construct of the EU was built and sold to the people on a packet of lies; it has never been transparent.

The City has long been the object of envy from Frankfurt and Paris who see themselves replacing London as the heart of global markets. Britain would end up paying 80% of the total take generated by this tax and it would severely hamper our recovery and put an end to any prospect of growth.  We would be perpetually struggling.  Let’s hope Osborne & Co forcefully push the truth that this tax is an attack on the whole country, not just a little something (0.1%) between bankers, so that people, and the media, understand the big picture.  No concessions!


“He made a call for more integration among EU member states, including greater political union and more pooling of efforts in the defence sector.  To applause from many MEPs – but silence from the eurosceptic bloc – he urged national governments across the EU ‘to show a bit more pride in Europe. I want to see and hear that pride in being European’.” 

It struck me while listening to this fine piece of propaganda how so many europhiles are happy to tell us how we are “afraid”, that ‘European citizens’ are scared of what is happening, and that it us up to them, the EU institutions, to calm our fears and soothe us.

Words fail me, except to say that like millions of others I’m not afraid so ‘bring it on’.  Here’s Nigel Farage’s response and a blue card intervention from arch-federalist Andrew Duff:

Hague: “an historical monument to collective folly”
Merkel: still in denial ahead of today’s vote
Barroso: text highlights of the State of the Union address

The last word goes to ZeroHedge:

the euro is “practically dead” and Europe faces a financial earthquake from a Greek default“… “The euro is beyond rescue”… “The only remaining question is how many days the hopeless rearguard action of European governments and the European Central Bank can keep up Greece’s spirits.”….”A Greek default will trigger an immediate “magnitude 10” earthquake across Europe.“…”Holders of Greek government bonds will have to write off their entire investment, the southern European nation will stop paying salaries and pensions and automated teller machines in the country will empty “within minutes.” In other words: welcome to the Apocalypse…

UPDATE (already!): This is one of the things that really gets my goat. Yes, he’s entitled to his opinion but his status doesn’t, or shouldn’t, give him the automatic right to have his views published in a mainstream newspaper. Mind you, it is the Guardian. The only difference between him and me is that I have a blog and he’s a well-known actor.

The Robin Hood tax: Cameron must tell the City to get on board.

And that’s the other thing – STOP CALLING IT A ‘ROBIN HOOD TAX’. That’s simply not true and is deceptive. The only two contenders for the roles of King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham that I can see are van Rompuy and Barroso.


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