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Here’s some sound advice to Cameron on his dealings with the EU. Sadly, I think Producus might be mistaking Cameron for a man with a pair. If he still has them, he’s kept them well-hidden to-date since he’s played the part of bag-carrier better than that of nemesis.  But, we all live in hope.

Here’s an extract – there’s more and it’s all good so pls go and read the whole thing.

“If you accept this assertion of imperial power over our Parliament you will be telling the British people that our constitutional democracy, our Parliament – and our Prime Minister – are meaningless, worthless, abolished, nothing more than ‘heritage’ baubles in a new and alienating national reality.

Be in no doubt that unless you defy Brussels over this, Mr Cameron, the British people will withdraw your mandate to govern, if that indeed is what you are now doing. Do not assume that you can escape the danger of this new challenge. You cannot, and we will not forgive you if you betray us over this.

The rule of law in Britain will be a thing of the past, for rule by law means government by consent. The British people have never consented and will never bow to dictatorship by foreigners, regardless of any treaty which your predecessor of bitter memory signed against our known will. But you know this, Mr Cameron, which is why you fear to give us a referendum on Europe. But perhaps there is another way which you may find more acceptable.

Mr Cameron, when I say you must roar Britain’s defiance at the European Commission, I mean you must roar. On our behalf, as our Prime Minister. The whole country has to hear you loud and clear, whether you and you coalition friends find it politically convenient or not… “

Lovely stuff.


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  1. Good morning, CE. I hope you are enjoying this delightful spell of good weather we're having — it gives us a little spot of pleasure in our lives, which are daily battered by all and sundry who seem to hate us all.

    Anyway, that isn't why I'm sending you this PM. If you haven't yet decided on tomorrow's Sunday Reflection, I can thoroughly recommend this, which I have just discovered on YouTube:

    It is from the Howells Requiem, the Requiem Aeternam, and the accompanying pictures are an absolute pleasure.

    I do so hope you might get the chance to give it a viewing.

    With all good wishes as always,


  2. Thank you, Opsimath – stunning pictures and serene music – a great combination. I'm going through a Finzi Phase at the moment and have my eye on something. It really depends on my mood at the time as to what I post. It could be historical footage, some humour, something patriotic or just something pleasant.

    The weather is absolutely glorious – English Indian Summers are the best. I hope you're enjoying it too 🙂