Sunday Round-up

An EU referendum, Hague, Boles, Dexia collapse, Booker.

The Independent on Sunday:
Maude says opposition to new planning regs is “bollocks”.
Tebbit: Cameron must escape Clegg’s Never-Never Land.
‘New Right’ piles pressure on Cameron & Osborne.
Darling: Osborne will change course.

The Observer:
Sharp rise in food aid – to Britons.
The lengthening queues for food handouts.
‘Hague has the aura of a prophet’. In that case, Hague makes prophets of us all.
Mandelson recruits Whitehall workers.
What the Chancellor saw. Struggling to the dish dirt.
Working for nothing: the truth about low pay.
Pinewood Studios: Celebrating 75 years.

The Daily Telegraph:
Theresa May: Scrap the Human Rights Act. Ooh, look! A flying pig.
Colonel Tim Collins to stand for elected Police Commissioner role. He’d get my vote.
Greece: slipping into the abyss. Drugs, begging and muggings.
Blair – Deripaska links revealed on climate change fund and Libya.
Govt offers “buy now, pay later” deal to developers
Hands off Our Land: turning England into a suburban sprawl.

The Sunday Times (£):
Hundreds of Police Stations to close to the public.
Planning guidance preventing billboards in sensitive countryside areas is dropped.
Govt drops key planning clause after £4m donation from developers.
Man who ‘sold the world’ advises “Buy guns and gold”.
Bank of England ready to print another £50bn in QE.
Say goodbye to GMT, hello to Atomic Time.

The Sunday Express:
£42m Child Benefit is sent abroad.
£millions for digital tvs in cells and taxis to jail.
Someone should tell Goldie that the horse has already bolted.

The Mail on Sunday:
Cameron: ‘Go easy on Ed’.
Keith Vaz and the belly dancer. (Included for lecherous look on Vaz’s face).

Pretty pictures.


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