The British Bill Of Rights

This government appears to be hot on handing power back to the people; what a meaningless phrase that is.

“I do agree that it would be good to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights.  That was the Conservative policy at the last election. It is, I think, the right thing to do.”

And what of the English Bill of Rights, already in existence but, to all intent and purposes, overturned by successive governments in recent years?

“The right thing to do”. How many times have we heard that phrase spoken by a politician? And how many times has it meant the right thing for them but the wrong thing for the country?

‘It’s right that we remain a part of the EU; it’s right that immigration levels soar; it’s right that the English are Sour Little Englanders;  it’s right that Britain is broken; it’s right that I’m right and it’s not right that I’m wrong.  I know best.’

By refusing to acknowledge that Britain’s contempt for the EU crosses Party lines and generations Cameron has willfully signed his own political death warrant and I don’t care.  He’s crossed the line this weekend and there’s no turning back for him, or his Party in its current form.

When he next makes a promise, we will remember and we will laugh at him and ask him if he takes us for fools.


5 responses to “The British Bill Of Rights

  1. Agree with you GV, bar last paragraoh.

    Cameron does take us for fools because we are fools, fools to have elected him in the first place and fools to allow him to continue. That also goes for the remainder of the political class too!

  2. Times are really changing. Wall Street is under siege, Greece about to topple to a violent Government overthrow. A harsh, expensive winter for Northern Europe will see The German people rebel at the cost of their money thrown in to the EU all consuming conflagration of waste, corruption and greed.

  3. So, you do agree with me, MrW 🙂 What I'm saying is that more people can now see him for what he is – they won't be taken for fools again.

    You're right, OR. The discontent is worldwide, the problem is that different people attribute it to different causes. I think it's corporatism, others think it's capitalism and others think it's socialism. We're fighting one enemy but under different banners. We're too fragmented.

  4. the discontent is world wide.
    but the arabs have got the nads to do something about it.
    the people of europe have real reasons to be bloody angry but so far have done nothing of worth.
    we are treated as idiots and we behave like idiots.
    tame, lame and brain dead idiots.

  5. Thanks, Anon, I wish I knew why people put up with so much and just seem so accepting of the situation. It can't all be blamed on a media that usually gives only half of the picture or the fact that people are occupied just trying to keep a roof over their heads. People need to see the connection between what happens in their daily lives and government/EU policy. I hope I'm not being too optimistic but I think it will come before too long and people will be very, very angry.