"A Kind & Compassionate Nation"

So says Cameron about Britain. On the radio this morning he was asked whether it made sense to pour money into overseas aid when, this coming Winter, thousands of our own pensioners will die. Cameron’s response was to list the free tv licence, winter fuel payments, restored link to earnings, and say that Britain was a kind and compassionate nation full of people who didn’t mind their taxes going to strangers in a strange land rather than their own people.

This winter we need to be vigilant for our elderly neighbours, and we’ll remember Cameron’s words.

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7 responses to “"A Kind & Compassionate Nation"

  1. Dai has now become Jesus the prophet whose name we must not speak, Mystic Meg and Russel Grant rolled into one.
    Thing is he isn't as funny as any of them.

    Mind he is rather keen on shooting himself in the foot. If he keeps this up he may even hit his head.

    “Britain was a kind and compassionate nation full of people who didn't mind their taxes going to strangers in a strange land rather than their own people.”

    No it isn't Dai, no it isn't!

  2. Has Gordon Brown had a face transplant and a new voice box? Such insensitivity is so reminiscent of the worst PM in history. If these operations are not the case, Snotty's reign as the biggest shit ever looks to be short!

  3. If only we could give him to strangers in a strange land ,i wouldn't mind that at all,he really is turning into a complete p***t.

  4. Nice one, Bill. I'd better point out that Cameron didn't use the expression “strangers in a strange land” – he talked about education and health in Africa – I just cut out the waffle.

    OR, I have a feeling you could be right on this one. Brown was bad but gave the impression of being on medication and we knew he wouldn't last. Cameron's a different kettle of fish.

    Hi Wiggi, I think we have, in a sense. He's been bought and paid for by Brussels but he's still with us 😦 Not for long the way he's going on, but long enough to do even more damage.

  5. These politicos are so full of BS, GV!

    The British people might be kind and compassionate, but their government is not.

    Today at the Tory conference, having just alluded to further militarisation of the police, Theresa May said:

    “There can be no liberty without security”.

    The Tory faithful applauded.

    As Douglas Carswell suggests on his blog today, there's not a whole lot of difference between this government and the last.

    At least, there's one Tory who “gets it” and/or has the integrity to stick his neck out.

  6. I've had it, Fausty. It seems interminable. I saw Carswell's post but if he's so discontented, why doesn't he create more of a stir in Parliament rather than on his blog? I can't remember the last time he stood up and gave a blistering speech. I'm struggling at the moment to find one political figure who can be an anchor for us.

  7. Sadly, I'm inclined to agree, GV.

    Perhaps we need to turn up the pressure.