Save Your Breath

Save it for protests and demonstrations. It’s been made clear that it’s pointless signing petitions or writing to your MP and even more pointless commenting on online press articles – to mangle a phrase: The Shady’s not for turning.

There’s one thing that might make him change his mind and one thing only: feet on the street. We’ve been pushed and pushed constantly in recent years and despite the fact that this is what tptb want, with the CCA waiting in the wings, I think it’s time we forced them to show their hand. A mass protest is called for – not the piddly 30,000 in Blackpool at the weekend but people from all sections of society, castle or cottage, should make their views known.

It’s not going to happen. Those protesting at the moment protest at the lack of State intervention whereas I’d like one that protests at too much intervention. They say they want more Big Society and Localism but I don’t trust it because it’s an inherent policy of the EU. We’re a mess and completely fragmented, no wonder they laugh at us and our feeble efforts to truly restore power back to the people.

The bottom line is they educate our children and we pay them; we pay for their schemes and policies. We need to find a lawful way to stop paying them and curtail their activities because what they do, they do with our money. Having said that, I feel the damage has already been done.

I suppose the question is, how far down this path do we go and is it worth the price to the individual?  The cost will be high, not only in monetary terms: there’s a chance that in the event of major mass unrest we’ll see EUPol on our streets – and they’re armed and immune from prosecution even if a protester dies.  But – at least we’d know where we stand, and certainty and truth has to be better than what’s fed to us at the moment.

If, like me, you dip into LBC97.3fm, you can’t fail to notice how many foreign accents there are calling in now compared to previous years. Europeans are entitled to vote in local and European elections in whichever country they reside. We’re f*cked. Sorry, but I can’t put it more succinctly than that.  At the risk of repeating myself, having a vote once every 4/5yrs isn’t a sign of democracy; we’ve fallen so far from the concept that we couldn’t recognise it if it bit us.

I won’t bore you with past posts, or maybe I will, depending on my mood*, but the thing is that the signs have been there and been ignored. Can we really blame it on reality tv and a complicit media? If people wanted to know the truth, wouldn’t they have made the effort to find out for themselves?

* Here’s one, from 2009

And here’s Cameron, still doing the hokey-cokey.

There’s an old quote somewhere on the blog and I paraphrase:  If there must be conflict, let it be in my lifetime, not my children’s.  We ignored it, we condoned it, we enabled it, we should pay and fight.


4 responses to “Save Your Breath

  1. Writing to your MP.

    I wrote regularly to my previous (Labour) MP with very little effect. When my new MP (Conservative) was elected I did the same – never being rude or abusive(however angry I was), adding occasional letters on humorous subjects and praising when I thought she had done something right.

    Now this new Tory MP was very noncommital at first. She has been in business and knows a life outside politics, as well as having been leader of the District Council.

    Whether it was my persistence or she just made her own mind up, I don't know.First off she came out in favour of an EU referendum, now she has joined the BETTER OFF OUT (BOO) group of MPs and peers who definitely want out of the EU and say so. This is distinct from the “moderate” Tory “Europlastics” who merely want a Eurosceptic reputation with their electors whilst keeping the road to promotion open. Members of BOO know they have sacrificed any possibility of that.

    So, hats off to Mrs. Heather Wheeler, MP for South Derbyshire!

    Why not keep on trying? It costs only a little time and this is the only parliament we are likely to have for another three years at least.

  2. Hello Edward. Yes, you';re fortunate to have Heather Wheeler as your MP; she's a woman of principles. However, mine is Theresa Villiers – quite a difference.

    I think that your gentlemanly way of approaching the problem is becoming a thing of the past – like a handshake sealing an agreement. There's too much concern for the career path, remuneration and the Whips in Parliament – they are more afraid of the reaction of the Whips than they are of the people, and that can't be right.

  3. You are indeed fortunate,i have only written to my MP on a couple of occasions as i considered it a waste of time prior,but when i wrote to my MP at the time Mr Tim (green outside interests) Yeo the reply i got a bill going through parliament at the time that was obviously flawed dispite taking two years of amendments from a house (as i pointed out “stuffed” with lawyers) and not understanding that any of them could not see the blindingly obvious,the reply i got ,yes he did reply,stated that as the Conservatives were not in power it was not something that could be addressed,wich rather gave the impression there really wasn't any point in having opposition members of parliament at all we would all be better of by not having them there and just put up with the government to the next time,as to my current MP ,highly thought of ? Mr Richard Bacon ,no reply at all to when we should expect the election promises to enacted on and a few other items that were making me want to vote differently for the first time as i had been as i saw sold a pup,safe seat, you bet it is and they dont give a monkeys.

  4. Sadly, Wiggi, I think most MPs are like yours or, if they do respond, they give you the brush-off. There are some very good constituency MPs but they're outweighed by those who toe the Party line come what may.