No Politics*

The BoE has announced more QE, the ECB has bought bad bank debts that it can’t afford and Cameron exhorts ‘the nation’ to pull together and adopt a Blitz spirit. The problem is that those people with the Blitz Spirit have long gone, Cameron. They’ve either died or fled abroad and all you have left to ‘nudge’ is a mish-mash of cultures and disparate people, particularly in London. I suspect he’s thinking of the English when he talks in war-time metaphors but we’re the Silent People, we haven’t spoken yet, so have this to be going on with and dream on, Cameron.

Happy and I’m smiling,
Walk three miles to drink your water.
You know I’d love to love you,
And above you there’s no other.
We’ll go walking out
While others shout of war’s disaster.
Oh, we won’t give in,
Let’s go living in the past.

Once I used to join in
Every boy and girl was my friend.
Now there’s revolution, but they don’t know
What they’re fighting.
Let us close our eyes;
Outside their lives go on much faster.
Oh, we won’t give in,
We’ll keep living in the past.

Oh, we won’t give in,
Let’s go living in the past.
Oh no no we won’t give in,
Let’s go living in the past.

*I mis-spoke and will issue a clarification later.


2 responses to “No Politics*

  1. how come the bastard is suddenly aware of our, (the english), existence?
    i bet that came as a surprise to him!
    maybe that's why he acts so bewildered.

  2. Hardly anyone mentions the English or England – just 'the United Kingdom of Nations and Regions'. That's why there are all the problems with tuition fees – the EU recognises Scotland, N.Ireland & Wales as devolved areas but England is nothing to them. Cameron doesn't work for us.