Sunday Reflection


3 responses to “Sunday Reflection

  1. Very nice indeed, CE, a setting of Psalm 23 I haven't heard before; I thought it 'galloped' a little, but it was still most enjoyable. The accompanying photographs were, as always, delightful.

    Thank you – you always brighten my Sundays with these little reflections.

    Best wishes as ever,


  2. Now thats what I call an 'i i' Sunday R.

    Nice to see a proper windmill featured…… 🙂

  3. Hello, Opsimath, what would I do without your weekly visits? I thought I'd wait a while until the Vicar of Dibley was forgotten – delighted to know that I needn't have bothered 🙂 Yes, it's fast but I have a soft spot for choristers and I love the soaring soloist.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it too, Mr W, even though you are, apparently, knocking on for seventy. I'm glad your hearing and vision is still intact 😉