Ayn Rand was right

Here’s Nurse with a dose of Soma

I haven’t read her books for a quite a few years now but they made a big impact on me.  The over-riding impression I was left with is that the warning of a society in decline comes when all the little things break down. It’s an indication of corruption, not necessarily monetary but in the strictest sense, at the heart of governance.

Re-building old Court entrances because new vans are “too big”.   I know it might seem like a small thing, just £900m compared to the trillions that have been bandied about in recent months, but it’s important. It’s important as a symptom of decline, just like the fridge or tv that used to last a lifetime now last a couple of years if you’re lucky. No doubt someone, somewhere woke up from a dream one morning and thought ‘in-built decline = in-built renewal via in-built consumerism’. When will these muppets learn to stop messing around with what once worked very well.

Our English Bill of Rights worked well, so too did our Magna Carta.  They’re not working so well now with the encroachment of other values, other ideologies – each stealthy step takes us further from man’s inherent freedom to be a man, an individual in his own right with responsibility for his own life and his own family.  We’ve fallen so far and yet we don’t seem to recognise it for what it is.  Instead it’s an intangible feeling that expresses itself in restlessness and good old-fashioned British ‘grumbles’.

Grumbles aren’t good enough, especially when they’re mis-directed or hi-jacked by vested interests.  You only need to read the papers or switch on the news to spot all the little glitches in society’s infrastructure. They’re the little things that leave you wide-gazed and open-mouthed – and there’s always an element of truth in them, no matter how much other newspapers might denigrate them.

Since Cameron’s Coalition took office I created a tag: ‘Cameron’s Britain’, which followed ‘Brown’s Britain’. I think that’s unfair to Cameron because it isn’t his Britain, it wasn’t Brown’s and it isn’t ours, it’s someone else’s – but I don’t know what to call it. NWO is already taken and I’m reluctant to admit in print that we’re a manipulated creation even though, in my heart, I know it’s true.  There’s an in-built design fault – designed to fail in order to re-create in another image and keep us buying into the concept.

The concept this time isn’t a toaster, a tv or a fridge, it’s democracy.  Cameron’s suggestions for Big Society go nowhere near addressing what really needs to be done.  If you like fudge but are allergic to nuts, you’ll vote for Cameron or Miliband and not taste the corporatism or totalitarianism.


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