Woad & Pitchforks At The Ready

I really don’t get what Cameron’s doing. I suppose it’s part of his ‘nudging’ Big Society – or, rather, the EU’s ‘nudging’ Big Society; all part of the plan to give power to the people – sounds good on paper but doesn’t work in practice. When I first heard Cameron’s statement that we should guard our own borders my first thought was: ‘Why are we paying UKBA,’ and my second was an image of a line of woad-painted Angelcynn standing atop the White Cliffs of Dover with pitchforks and torches standing ready to repel boarders. I don’t know who Cameron intends to appeal to, unless it’s the already-nosy, curtain-twitching jobsworths.

Looking at his other points – forced marriages could be made illegal and a cash bond could be demanded from immigrants – it just strikes me that we’ve heard it all before.  He’d do better to instruct the Police & Judiciary to take off the velvet gloves when investigating so-called ‘Honour Killings’ and also deal with the alien practice of polygamy within Britain.  Today’s statement seems to be yet more soundbites made in some sort of attempt to get people to take responsibility for their own lives. Great ethos, wrong way to go about it and essentially meaningless.

It’s also confusing some people. On the radio, one chap said that fifteen years ago when he wanted to bring in his wife, he already had to fulfill strict criteria re her financial support and she had to learn English in India. Nobody raised the point that fifteen years ago we had a Conservative government and Labour had yet to open our borders to the world and his mother.

One other suggestion of Cameron’s is to re-visit the so-called ‘Britishness Test’ for would-be citizens – those who want a British passport. I’d be surprised if this holds water since many of those educated by the State in the last fourteen years would also be hard-pressed to know the history of our Isles.

Keith Vaz, who charged us £75k+ for a London flat despite living in a £1.5m home just twelve miles from Parliament, and who ranked 43rd highest in expenses claimants in 08/09, said:  “[This will] antagonise settled communities in Britain and enrage our allies such as India.”  He went on to say: “A more effective method must be found in order for immigrants to pay for public services.” I’m obviously a penny short of a shilling this evening because I thought that’s what taxation is for.  If they pay taxes, they pay for public services, we all do – and then some. Vaz + Bandwagon = Vroom.

Let’s hope these immigrants drive cars and want to park outside their own homes.  That’s a pretty good revenue-raiser for local councils, especially Barnet.

Wes thu hael doesn’t sell woad or pitchforks – yet – but a visit is worthwhile – you can learn how to make your own.


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