I’ve been going downhill faster than my opinions on the blog so I suppose it was only to be expected that there’d come a day when everything shut down. I’ll try and stick with PMQs and the Sundays but, beyond that, I can’t say.

My life used to be measured, not by coffee spoons or politics but by music and poetry. I’ve spent three years chronicling our venal Parliament and the EU, trying to warn about what was to come. It’s  apparent for all to see now but I still need to find a home, somewhere with a big garden and a big kitchen so I can grow and cook to my heart’s content, with people to love and people who love me.

I think it was Twitter & The GV News that finally did it with an overload of economic and political info – that and still living out of two suitcases and sleeping on a sofabed with no access to a garden almost a year after coming home to England.

On the bright side, here’s the RPA, conducted by Andrew Lytton playing Bach’s “Sleepers Awake!”  I hope we do.


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