Synon: Euro-Parliament opens its own propaganda centre: and you’re paying for it

Euro-Parliament opens its own propaganda centre: and you’re paying for it

The Parliamentarium finally opens its doors.

“Most revolting is a long dark corridor with a line of illuminated pictures which are part of a ‘journey through time.’ Run an 8-year old child past those and he will come out at the end imagining — and that appears to be the purpose –that before the European institutions set up shop, the countries of the European continent could be nothing but a rubble-strewn wasteland.

Examples: just one picture illustrates Italy in the early 20th century, and that shows Mussolini’s march on Rome. The Netherlands in 1949: a grim border post, with nearby propaganda insisting that ‘transport across Europe was very complicated and had to overcome various bureaucratic obstacles.’

Amazing: this is an EU institution tut-tutting bureaucratic obstacles. Go ask the first small businessman you kind find about just what sort of bureaucratic obstacles the EU now puts up to him getting on and doing is business anywhere, much less across borders.

Then Poland gets two pictures to illustrate its history. First picture, 1939, Nazis. Second picture, 1943, more Nazis. Spain, 1939, gets a picture of Republican forces who were defeated by Franco. But the parliament spares the Republican forces any mention of their Soviet communist backing.

The United Kingdom finally gets a mention on this history wall, and this ought to frighten the wits out of any 8-year old you might be foolish enough to take to this place: London, 1941, shows children at Cosway School sitting in class wearing gas masks while a recording repeats over and over again: ‘What in concrete and practical terms does the independence of nations mean in the world of today, a world of the closest economic and political interdepenence, which means the destiny of all mankind is indivisible.’

Berlin, 1948: a picture showing ‘poverty and hunger.’ Then — hallelujah, which is the response we are supposed to have since what we are dealing with here is a temple dedicated to the cult of Europe — a picture of a European Movement gathering in Brussels in 1949, ‘a mass gathering in support of European unification.’

I looked pretty close but I couldn’t see any acknowledgement that through the 1950s and into the 1960s, the European Movement was secretly financed by the CIA as part of its Cold War strategy against the Soviet bloc (hat tip as ever to Booker and North’s The Great Deception for that research).

[…] Airlift, Marshall Plan, and on and on: you’d think the MEPs would at least find a spot in the ‘dynamic sequence of individual environments’ to put up a poster saying, ‘Thank you, Uncle Sam.’

And on it goes, but I will end with just one more example of the way the EU institutions such as the European Parliament try to twist everything good in any of the dozens of countries scattered across the European continent into a product of ‘Europe.’

One room in the exhibition has a floor with a 200 sq m map of Europe — for you Anglo-Saxons who are actually paying for a big chunk of this thing, that is 240 sq yds. The visitor pushes around a big battery-powered toy that is the size of a dustbin. He stops the dustbin on any one of a number of cities, and the screen in the top of the dustbin tells him what ‘Europe’ has done for that city.

Brace yourself, Edinburgh.

For a start, the city is called ‘Edinburgh in the…”

Go read, and see how history has been re-written and our children’s minds are being abused and manipulated.


3 responses to “Synon: Euro-Parliament opens its own propaganda centre: and you’re paying for it

  1. Filled with images of “The World At War” I made my first foray into Europe on a school trip in about 1972, lasting three weeks encompassing Belgium, Germany and Switzerland (+day trip to Italy). Changing money and passport controls were fun, though now I can see why they might irk businessmen.
    I made my first solo trip abroad, to Germany, aged 15 which was very illuminating though they would now probably prosecute my parents for child neglect. That taught me much.

    Some years ago the vile and disgusting EU held a Conference in and around my small city to discuss how Euro Youngsters might better relate to each other (I won't digress into how much money was wasted by these bearded “young people” as they galivanted around in expenses paid Taxicabs).

    I asked, “Why doesn't the much vaunted EU just cough up a couple of hundred Euros/Pounds each and send them out to meet each other via Interail? Sadly they had no answer.

  2. What is surprising is that despite all the evidence freely available – as you have collated – people still don't see what a complete monster the EU is.

    I test this on friends, relatives, people at work, and they think I'm making it all up, or seem willing to tolerate it indefinitely.

  3. I remember those school trips too, Banne3d. I don't think they have many now – too much insurance and H&S rules to comply with. Each country is still distinct, you just have to get away from the City centres where it's all Starbucks, McDoanlds and burkas.

    I'm as amazed as you, Mrs Woar. I just don't understand why it's taking so long for people to realise what's happened. Virtually everything we now do is bound in EU regulations and every 'new' policy that Cameron announces as his own, derives from the EU. I'd like to know why he's covering for them. My friends & family also think I'm exaggerating – it's really quite sad.