All Together, Now

If only! The protesters at St Paul’s are being portrayed by the media as the usual unwashed, benefit-claiming/trust-funded trouble-makers and it’s true that there’s the usual appearance of the Socialist Workers’ Party (!) and Anarchists United but it’s more than that. There are people there who can see that this financial system isn’t capitalism, that our liberty has been sold out, that our laws are repressive and that only the name of the government has changed. I’d be there too if my health permitted it.

If you haven’t already done so, check out this post from OldRightie.

Btw, thank you to OR for choosing my caption as a winner!


2 responses to “All Together, Now

  1. Ah yes, as my granny would say “Ab'dy's oot a step but oor Jock” (which roughly translated means “you lot, all over the world are wrong, and we, the chosen few, are right”).

    Of course some may be socialist workers. Why not? They are being thrown out of work too. Their savings are losing value by the day, their wages are going down, their children are going without and their elderly are cold and hungry, while Mr Osborne skis at Klosters, Charles hires another private jet to fly him over the world and great and the good have yet another expensive awards ceremony so that they can pat themselves on the back.

    We are all in this together, Scottish Nationalists, ordinary Tories, Liberals, Labour voters, Cornish Nationalists and yes, the great unwashed. The only people who are NOT in it with us are The Chipping Norton Set, the bankers, ministers, royals, Lords and the rest of the establishment.

    As my church going, gentile mother said the other day, one of these days, in the not to distant future, the bankers will finally “get it”, when one of them is discovered hanging from a lamppost.

  2. As usual, you've got it the right way round, Tris. The problem with what your mum says is that the bigwigs responsible don't live here – they're probably offshore with their bank a/cs in the Caymans and we can't afford the air fare.