Patience Is A Virtue

Here’s a song I’ve posted before. It seems a good day for it while our Leaders are congratulating themselves on a job “well-done”. They should be reminded that, in the eyes of many people, they should go to trial. I’d happily dig their bodies out of a bombed-out hidey-hole and say ‘que sera sera’ but I’d rather they went to trial too.

I hope you enjoy the song; it was a Sunday Reflection … the caveat is that it only applies if the people don’t get to them first:


3 responses to “Patience Is A Virtue

  1. Blair tomorrow in a drainpipe?

  2. He, of course would, not be out of place in a sewer.

  3. Hi James, the news today is that Blair has offered to negotiate a peace deal between ETA and the Spanish govt – so he's more likely to be found in a Marbella villa than a drainpipe.

    You're right, anon, he'd be indistinguishable from the other rats.