For The Record

Amidst all the talk of front and backbench rebellions, three line whips and amendments, the e-petition which the Backbench Business Committee agreed to debate is:

Britain wants referendum to leave EU

Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Daily Express is crusading to end Britain’s membership of the European Union. We want the Government to arrange for an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU either by means of an enabling referendum or directly so that the British people are once again placed in charge of their own political destiny. We would like this matter debated in parliament.

The petition doesn’t call for debate about producing White Papers or repatriating certain powers over a period of years; it calls for a debate on withdrawal and an In/Out referendum. The way things are going, by Monday afternoon, we’ll find MPs will be debating whether Auntie Mary’s recipe for Stollen is better than Uncle Tom’s wiener schnitzel.

6 responses to “For The Record

  1. Nice one GV! Off topic, but would hate to get on the wrong side of your tongue!

    Not that I haven't, having been consigned to the 'naughty step'……..

  2. You're never going to forgive & forget are you, MrW? How bad could a week of cabbage soup have been?

  3. I don't suppose that Dave and his mates ever lowered themselves to doing the hokey cokey
    “in/out in/out shake the EU all about…”

  4. Hi Banned, things look really bad, not just for Monday but for the eurozone next week. Consensus is that 'it' will happen on a w/end, which makes sense – do it while banks and markets are closed. Monday's not such a waste of time though – it's showing the electorate what a weasel Cameron is with his 3 line whip.

  5. As suspected the debateon Monday will not be about a referendum as the petition requests but will be kicked into the long grass by putting up option three,that means absolutely nothing as no one has ever managed to repatriate powers from the EU ,and cast iron certainly wont achieve anything even if he did make the effort ,pure window dressing from the reverse ferret.

  6. Hi Wiggi, I'll be tuning in to see how the land lies & will cast around for any videos of the debate that might be on offer. You're right about repatriating power. I want to know why Cameron has shot himself in the foot by refusing to back not only the people's call for a referendum but also the repatriation of powers, even though this is what he's currently promising us. I expect to see him wriggle … uncomfortably and with much blushing. Who knows? I might even enjoy it 🙂