Paxman: Who Is Bagpuss?

From last night’s Newsnight. This looks like another attempt at damage limitation from The Moggster, although he doesn’t mince his words: ‘If the LibDems want to hand more powers to Brussels they can leave the government and call a GE on that basis.’

Clegg: “Eurosceptics … won’t succeed as long as I’m in government”

Greece & The Euro: ‘A disorderly default is now a high risk’


2 responses to “Paxman: Who Is Bagpuss?

  1. Not at all impressed with JRM, GV. If the man still believes we can renegotiate then he's another Cameroon. Just who are these people to decide whether its renegotiate or out?

    The more this continues, the more I want out on the streets and armed with hemp!

  2. Agree about his policies – he seems to be as lukewarm as the rest of the 'eurosceptics'. However, I like his turn of phrase – makes me smile.