Ball Of Confusion

I don’t know if anyone managed to catch Newsnight last night – Kirsty Wark presented but I gritted my teeth and it wasn’t so bad, mainly because of the interview with Liana Kanelli, a Communist MP in the Greek Parliament. Talk about a gutsy woman! I can’t find a clip online but the programme is available on iPlayer and the i/view with her begins at roughly 8.30/32 and ends at about 13.25.

My confusion arises because I’ve always thought I was right-of-centre-ish-sort-of yet I agree with almost every word she said. The basis of her argument is that Greece would be better off out of the eurozone and, possibly, the EU itself. She attacked the unlimited credit and loans given by banks and the EU whereby the government was able to lie to the electorate about wealth and hiding from them the fact that that the hands of the government, the banks and the EU were filching not only their back pockets but those of their children and grand-children as well.  Sound familiar?  I think it just underlines the blurring of lines between Left and Right and how it’s become people against Big State.

There was also a good i/view with Lee Hsien Loong, the PM of Singapore (17.43) where he praised the intent but criticised the lack of a plan. He almost laughed at the suggestion of bailing out the euro-zone: “They are past the White Knight stage now… No country is going to say ‘I will sacrifice myself in order to put out somebody else’s fire’.”

All in all, it was quite an interesting programme. Something else that stood out, apart from all the rhetoric about gloom and Armageddon awaiting Greece and the eurozone itself, was the photo line-up. Between 18.55 and 18.57 note how the wide grin vanishes from Obama’s face.  Now you see it, now you don’t.

Papandreou or, as he’s apparently known in the trade, G-Pap (!) told the Franco-German alliance about the referendum on the 26th October so a show is being performed for the benefit of the cameras. In offering the Greek people a referendum and then reneging within 24hrs, he’s outdone even David Cameron but anyone who thinks the Greeks will let this go is delusional. Not only does Greece have soup kitchens, increased suicide rates and rioting but Medecins sans Frontier and Medecins du Monde have moved in to take over basic hospital services.

As always, we should be looking behind the curtain. Why did Papandreou first tell Markozy about the referendum two weeks ago in private and why, when it was presented as news yesterday, were they so publicly outraged despite having had prior warning?  I also wonder how long it will be before G-Pap is given a position within the EU Protectorate.

The Cameron/Osborne IMF rubbish has been covered elsewhere:


On a different topic IanPJ has found this. It’s a list of official sponsors of OWS – interesting reading and a timely reminder to always look below the surface to find those who finance and pull the strings. I wonder who’s feeding #occupylsx now.  The people outside St Paul’s should be protesting against corporatism, not capitalism.  If they did their homework instead of jumping on to any bandwagon going they’d know that.  Some do but, as always, it’s too fragmented and the message isn’t getting through.

Last but not least, MuffVoc points us to a new petition.

Thousands of protesters have gathered
Live blogging, in English

In other news, life goes on: Blair’s brother appointed to:

“The Joint Board of Appeal of the European Banking Authority, the European Securities and Markets Authority, and the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority. The three organisations were established in January this year to supervise financial services in the European Union.”

So, we’re all in safe hands then.

4 responses to “Ball Of Confusion

  1. GV: Thanks for the link and also pleased you read Helen over at YFaO – a very intelligent lady with a brain (Like you) and a most interesting person to talk to.

  2. I didn't know you were acquainted. I've been following her for a long time – before I started the blog. You're welcome for the mention. Did you catch Newsnight by any chance?

  3. I think a lot of people from all sides agree on the problem but disagree profoundly as to the solution. It's like doctors agreeing on a diagnosis but having very different views as to the best method of treatment.

  4. You're right, Frances, but look at ows and olsx and the mess they're in with disjointed messages. The targets shd be government and corporatism rather than individuals and vague concepts. Your doctor's analogy is spot on.