A Catch-Up

I’m having a ‘just for the record moment’ at the moment so here’s a catch-up:

THIS completely passed me by when it was first published last month. Civitas is what it says on the tin – completely independent of Party politics or government funding and, on that basis, worth listening to. It helps that it’s giving a message I like ūüôā

“As Europe’s leaders gamble their nations’ finances on saving the Euro, a new Civitas report reveals that the European Union is damaging Britain’s economic recovery and sapping job growth. Time to Say No, by Ian Milne, shows that a break with the EU need not represent a drastic break with Europe itself. Instead, it will permit a pragmatic reform of trade and immigration relations. Existing international institutions can achieve this without the current burdens of bureaucracy in the EU. It will also revive democracy at home.”

It’s a press release (I didn’t notice it being reported by the media) so only brief details are available. It goes on to highlight three areas – Norwegian, Swiss, Commonwealth – where Britain’s ‘leaders’ can find inspiration for a more dynamic model of governance and it’s worth reading.¬† If nothing else, it will place you a few steps ahead of Britain’s ‘leaders’.

Another ‘fact’ that’s repeated endlessly via media and government is that millions of jobs rely on the EU.¬† Here’s the truth from: FullFact:

Given this dearth of reliable information, we are left to choose between a dated estimate of jobs¬†benefiting¬†from EU-wide trade, but not necessarily dependent upon EU membership, and an EC estimate of jobs created across Europe, when looking at Mr Clegg’s claim. Neither supports his assertion that three million jobs “rely directly” on the EU.

For facts on trade go to Autonomous Mind and reflect that our exports to the EU aren’t 40% at all: they’re a piddly 10%.¬† Reflect also that exports and import figures for the EU include goods for onward transmission to areas out of the EU and on to the rest of the world.

In Norway, support for the EU is at its lowest point.  In Iceland, Czech Republic and the PIIGS, people & governments are having second thoughts about this EU construct; an ideology which was founded in the dying days of World War 2.

Being an island nation, it shouldn’t surprise you that 95% of trade comes via the sea.

Macedonia is upset.

Courtesy of twitter, @chadnoble tweets:

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. – Lao Tzu

If you want to see my response you’ll have to join twitter, but, to be honest, I wouldn’t bother unless you’re prepared to be very selective about your followers and those you follow,¬† otherwise you can end up with completely vacuous, inane, obscene twaddle.¬† You can always be discriminatory of course, if discrimination itself has come to be seen as ‘a bad thing’.

I give up – my laptop keeps crashing and I’ve just lost the links for this post for the third time – I’m sure you’ll read it in the msm, eventually.¬†

Here’s Max Farquar’s excellent video about the 5th November.

We know they lie, they know we know they lie, yet, still, we put up with it.¬† The time is coming when the majority will see ‘the whites of their eyes’.¬† I leave you with this song, which is an anthem for me and this blog.¬† You wouldn’t know unless you keep checking in, but this video has been censored beyond recognition – the words remain the same:

On a personal note, it’s true that I haven’t been a happy bunny lately but I’m hoping that next week will see threads coming together at last (though not in a disingenuous Troika way) so the blog could be back to normal in a week or three, fingers crossed.


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