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I’ve been looking at a couple of .pdf files on my hardrive and thought I’d upload them for anyone who’s interested in case I have to reformat the laptop given the problems I’ve had with it lately. Some of it is old and there’s nothing revelatory that we didn’t already know but they give an indication of how long everything has been in the planning and they may be of use to someone. Other .pdfs are more current.

The Rules of the Game, 2003 “Forget the climate change detractors. Those who deny climate change science are an irritant but unimportant.”
Saif al Islam’s thesis, 2007, which was written with a little help from his friends and won him plaudits from the LSE.
Extract from Hansard, European Arrest Warrant, 2001 immediately prior to signing The Laeken Declaration.
Statewatch 2010: An assault on human rights and national sovereignty The EAW: “Vague & general provisions… the combined abolition of dual criminality and territoriality requirements represents… a fundamental threat to the rule of law…”
The Anglo-French Pond, 2008/9 “A Franco-British cross-disciplinary research programme: Towards a shared vision of management of a crowded multiple-use space.”
Towards a more secure society & increased industrial competitiveness, 2009 Check out the Table of Contents – Acronyms ‘R Us. Covers ADABTS, AMASS, and surveillance & control in general. Special mention for BeSeCu – “Human behaviour in crisis situations: A cross-cultural investigation in order to tailor security-related communication”.
Summary of the European Commission’s PNR proposals. Passenger Name Record/Passenger Number Recognition. More surveillance.
Letter from Andrew Duff to Buzek, President of the EP (Click to enlarge, as usual)

(Website of Andrew Duff, LibDem MEP)
Living Together: Combining diversity & freedom in 21st Century Europe, 2011
EU Commission spending on private jets, luxury hotels and drinks receptions, 2011. They’re surely on a different planet.
Peter Oborne’s: Guilty Men, 2011
Last, but not least: A positive vision of Great Britain outside the EU.

I hope this works – I’ve used Google Docs. Tomorrow I’ll be checking out my Politics pdfs so take cover 🙂


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